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SA men’s program for July 2009

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The information for the Holding Camp:

Camp Start Date:                   10 July 2009

Camp Finishes Date:              16 July 2009

Venue:                                     Potchefstroom University

BIG EVENT: Annual Jones Cup, Taiwan:

Dates:                                      18 – 29 July 2009

Venue:                                     Taiwan

Logistical information will follow.


As communicated to the national office on the 8th of June 2009, the South African National Team has been chosen (wild card) to participate in the 25th Africa Nations Championship (AfroBasket ’09).

The selected team will then continue for a 5-day camp (30 July – 03 August 2009) in Serbia as part of their final preparation towards the Afrobasket to be held in Lybia.

Date of Camp in Serbia: 30 July to 03 August 2009

Depart to Serbia: 04 August 2009

Logistical information will follow.


The team will move from Serbia to take part in the Afrobasket ‘09 to be held in Lybia.

Date of Competition: 05 to 15 August 2009

Depart to South Africa: 16 August 2009

Team Arrives in South Africa: 17 August 2009

Logistical information will follow.

Information supplied by Clemen Kock edited by Victor Shakineza

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There Are 8 Brilliant Comments

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  1. baller says:

    is this true or am dreaming. finally the national team get to camp outside the country preparing for a major tournament. even thou its for a week, the effort is appreciated.


  2. Sanele Mthiyane says:

    As the Chairperson of KZN Basketball Association,It is disappointing to learn of BSA developments,Camps and Events through the media and herein My

    Eversince the new BSA Board was put into office,One had expected a lot of changes especially the mistakes which were done by the Vusi Mgobhozi administration.The manner in which BSA communicate with us as provinces or rather speaking on behalf of KZN is disappointing and very unprofessional to say the least.

    Last weekend I received a call from a journalist from Ilanga newspaper wanting to know of the plans and calender for BSA and the National teams.We could not comment because of the lack of information on our part.This then put BSa on the spot because then the journalist concluded to say,”we will not be covering Basketball because there is nothing to cover”

    The lesson here is that,with South Africa hosting the FIFA World Cup.All the focus is on Football.They are enjoying a lot of coverage throughout the media at all National level and International level.The same goes for Rugby.Winning the two test matches against the British Loins have been great.The same goes for Crikect,Proteas having played in the T20 World Cup.

    These are the top three sports in the country which dominate all major sports media coverage.Now for Basketball to get a Quarter of the share is a bonus to the sport.The question is How many people know about the National Team schedule?Who at BSA is responsible for making sure that this information goes across the board?

    Now I am saying “disappointing” because provinces are the one who are responsible that the information get on the ground.

    It is even difficult for us in KZN now that None of our members are part of the BSA Board.

    To give clearity to Baller,these developments used to happen in the past.the problem was that nobody make sure that the information was made available to the people.Perhaps the team did not go this far but the system were there.

    Lastly,whether we like it or not,the truth is that we cannot take away sport from politics.By saying so,The President of the Republic is on record saying that people must be held accountable for the job they are given.So the Board must know that they have to account not only to us as members but also to the public.

    We cannot allow BSA and Basketball to be runned like a spaza shop.its bad enough that we have a mobile office.

  3. kim says:

    Great points.

    I am not sure whether the dates of these camps and program are still going to happen cos apparently the trip to Taiwan has been cancelled.I am not sure if Serbia is still on.I honestly think that BasketballSa should have a communication office with a spokesperson being the mouthpiece for the organisation.This person would be responsible for the internal and exteranal communication strategy of BasketballSA.One of the key responsibilities would also be the updating of the organisation’s new website.

    The creation,development and design of a website is just 20% of a fully functional website.One has to have information and it must be noted that old news is NO news.The new basketballSA website( features that should be addressing provinces and those features should be used to the fullest.The communication person in the meanwhile can act as a content manager up until the office is able to procure services of a full content manager WITHIN the establishment.

  4. baller says:


    for clarity, as i see you misread my point. in my recollection, this is the first time that our national team had to go camp outside the country to prepare for a tournament. and that is exactly what i was commenting on.

    i support that the provinces should be told about all the events and my thought has been that the provincial chairpersons know about all the events on time. hopefully,you also lodged the complaint with BSA or the Board. you don’t have to have a Board member to be told of the basketball events.


    i support the idea of a communication office. question is, does BSA have the money to pay the employees? i doubt if there is any money as i read a story in the Sowetan some few weeks back our President attacking the Sport department with regard to funding.

    secondly, if you read the information above its from a Clement Kock who i believe was a team manager when you guys went to Moz. for me, the information should be from BSA office. obviously the writer got it from BSA and therefore BSA should be used as a source of information. the same applies to when you were in Moz giving feedback on the games. BSA should take ownership of the information as i believe you were under their banner in Moz.

    the problem we will have as the public is which information is correct. right now Kim is questioning the information supplied by the Team Manager and he is the assistant coach. hence i say information has to be from BSA.

  5. kim says:

    Correction….I WAS the assistant coach for the qualifiers as Coach Kita was alone since Coach Flosh was in Hungary and Coach Craig not available to travel with the team.I am not correcting the information but merely stating ever since that document was sent to mybasketball,things have changed.I remember an article that was sent regarding the nomination of people to assist with certain portfolios within BasketballSA,I suggest that they add communications to that.

  6. baller says:

    then who are the current coaches. eish, communication.

  7. Sanele Mthiyane says:

    1. I am not going against you and I am simple adding to your words but highlighting that we used to have the Team Camping but not outside the country which is good to test ourselves against the best in the world.

    2. My point of us not having a member in the Board of BSA,I am simple raising the fact that perhaps those provinces that have their members in the Board will perhaps have such information.Take Clement for example,Northen Cape will know of these developments because he is a Team Manager.

    3. As this information apperared on the My on Thursday,Then by grapevine again,No Correspondence from BSA office Kim tells us that the Camp has been cancelled.All I am raising is that BSA must take us serious…

    Lastly I would choose not to further comment on various issues herein but I was simple raising my disappointment as the Council Member of BSA.

  8. kim says:

    Unfortunately the Northern Cape is in the dark with any thing that has to do with basketball due to the lack of organisation on its part and actually think they are 10 steps back even with Clement as team Manager(hahaha)

    The Coaching Staff for the team as announced at the Senior tournament as announced by our President in 2008 are:

    Head Coach :Flosh Ngwenya(GP)
    Assistant Coach:Kita Matangulu(WC)
    Assistant Coach:Craig Gilchrest(KZN)

    I havae confirmed through the grapevine that the camp to be held on the this weekend has DEFINATELY been cancelled so has the trip to Taiwan.Apparently the tournament(William Jones Cup) has been postponed was the reason for the cancellation of the trip but many national have still been preparing for the said tournament so I am a little bit confused with the whole situation.

    My only concern with this whole thing is that the teams we are to play already camped before camping again on the 20 July(Nigeria).Ivory Coast announced a 21 man squad that camped in Paris and will play in the Sacramento and lille summer league as preparation.If we qualify we join group be with Angola and Egypt and we know how far they are in their preparations.I hope we can have the guys camp even if its during a weekend whilst the final arrangements are made for the Serbia trip(if thats is still on).

    I starting to sound like Shwashwi(hahaha)