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South Africa withdraws from Jones Cup

By on July 10, 2009 in News

South African men’s and women’s teams withdrew from the 2009 Jones Cup competition and forced Chinese Taipei Basketball Association (CTBA), Jones Cup’s organizing body, to revise the game schedule.

After the withdrawal, there are nine men’s teams and four women’s teams in the tournament.

South Africans refused to pay their own airfare, CTBA said, noting that it could only afford participating teams’ accommodation and meal money.


Interesting isn’t it… So the tournament is still going ahead but without RSA

Here is the revised schedule

Women schedule 2009

Men schedule 2009

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There Are 5 Brilliant Comments

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  1. kim says:

    I woke up this morning on a high and the first thing I did was go on to the FISU website and was ready to celebrate our first win in Serbia…….ONLY to findout that we let a 15+ lead evaporate and lose by 1 in overtime.Painful lose but well tried.Then I log on to mybasketball and then I see this.I am starting to think I am going crazy now….wasnt this the same tournament that was POSTPONED.

    Now I starting to think these PANADOS are not working.Anything stronger,I am sure I would be suspended (if not dismissed) unless I get OJ Simpsons lawyer.These are the days you get your spin doctor to clarify things.Something like this MIGHT do:

    Press Statement
    To all Print and Electronic Media

    BasketballSA has and always believed in the development of basketball in this wonderful country of ours.It is on that basis that we felt that the little money that the federation gets from governmnet can not be blown at the William Jones Cup.As much as this would be a fitting preparation for both teams to ensure a good representation at the respective ACN,it was felt that the costs were too much and thus we were unable to secure a sponsor for the said flights.

    We however commit ourselves to ensuring that the senior mens team receive the best possible preparation available at this point in time.We intend to make the mens team a priority at this stage seeing that the Womens ACN has been postponed to October due to the civil unrest in Madagscar.We will inform the public on developments as we go forward on this matter

    Issued:SPIN Doctor, BasketballSA
    PS: Please note our office number is not working(AS yet),so dont call us cos we will call you………………….

    I think that would be fine.

  2. baller says:


    hehe. you just blew your chances of ever attending a BWB. its just sad that our own organisation cannot come up and tell us the truth. like the SABC, i suggest that we start suspending people for lying to the public. as i said, am not going to complain but come up with solutions.

  3. kim says:

    I was following your advice(solutions) hence I came up with the press statement(lol).I see you trying to overtake me on this BWB(lol)

  4. baller says:

    eish, i will go to BWB as a spectator like am used to. am not even half-way to being a coach or a referee. i therefore stand no chance of ever overtaking you. but there are miracles anyway. you never know.

    don’t you want to be a spin doctor. you will do a good job. well,hoping that you never quit in a week cos they might not even provide you with information. haha.

  5. kim says:

    It will be tough being a spin doctor at BSA,seeing that the senior ladies national team camped and didnt get paid,pulling out of the jones cup,issues around the camping of the guys for ACN….Never ending situations.