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KZN to host coaching seminar

By on August 23, 2009 in High School

KZN basketball in conjunction with Engen are going to host some international coaches who will be conducting clinics from Monday 26 – 30 September 2009. These coaches will be working with coaches from various provinces in SA and this will culminate in a coaching clinic for basketball players aged 14 – 18 years.

The Coaching Seminar is a follow-up to the 2008 event and will be targeted at senior South African basketball coaches to be invited by BSA and will cover various coaching techniques with the coaches, led by Joyce Jenkins sharing their expertise and knowledge of the game.The Coaching Course is targeted at Senior South Africa basketball coaches and will cover various coaching techniques. The content of the program will include the following:


The clearer you are in what you expect, the better you are at setting your expectations. (Mission statement, philosophy, ladder of success a d core values)


Mastering two game essentials: Controlling momentum and tempo. Teaching points include: game plan for substitutions, building team leadership, teaching your captain(s) to be effective, team unity, and teaching quickness and intensity.


Focus will be on clear and effective teaching points about the fundamentals skills of basketball.


The game of basketball is often won or lost on team’s ability to score or defend in special situations.

Well coached teams are prepared for these critical times. Baseline plays, sideline special plays and quick hitters will be covered in detail. (Principles of team offense and defense, ball movement, spacing, cuts, screens, help and recover, traps, presses, and fast breaks.)


For every set-offense, baseline, sideline, defenses, presses,defending a lead a d quick hitters.


Practice outlines and timeframes, conditioning, discipline, communication with parents, job description and how to clearly communicate your message.

In sponsoring the Coaching Course, KZNBA together with our partners Engen  has committed covering specific cost for the 50 coaches who will attend the course. 6 players (3 boys and 3 girls who will also attend). All provinces excluding KZN are kindly advised to nominate 5 coaches each preferably 2 being women out of 5 to attend the course. KZN will have 10 coaches chosen from all 10 districts and metro.

The following will be covered by Engen  – KZNBA:

1. Road Travel (by Car) for 5 coaches per province

2. Accommodation for the coaches and players attending the course

3. All Meals for coaches and players for the duration of the course

You are therefore advised to furnish us with names and surname as per RSA ID, Identity number, t/shirts sizes for the coaches attending and location of coaches by 12 September 2009. This information is vital for transport arrangements. The information can be faxed to 031 202 4464 or emailed to and attention to Vusi Mhlongo.

Information supplied by Sanele Mthiyane and edited by Victor Shakineza

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There Are 6 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Bab D says:

    Is this coaching clinic acredited with FIBA and administerd by BSA. Or is this an independant initative by the KZN basketball body?

  2. victor says:

    Hey there Bad D,

    As far as I know BSA has an issue with the clinic but I am not sure about the FIBA situation…. So you could consider this as an independant initiative by KZN… But I am sure any kind of clinic is welcome by the basketball community as the knowledge available in the country is simply not enough… ciao,V

  3. baller says:


    BSA will always have issues with any initiative as long as it contributes to the development of the sport in the country. take for example the FSU tour. didn’t BSA deprive the tertiary institutions to play instead made makeshift arrangements for the womens national team.

    what stops them from supporting the initiative and ensuring that provinces send delegates. i wonder why there don’t have issues with BWB.

  4. Bab D says:

    Hey any thing is better than nothing, you are right. If we wait for others to do the work we will go hungry. Its been my experiance that when “you just do it” things happen. Its time we all became accountable for basketball and work together to make things happen. I applaud the inititive taken by KZN basketball. I am sure benifit will be derived for participating as knowledge is power. Spread the word.

  5. Rosemary says:

    Who in the province gets to nominate the coaches?

  6. Joe says:

    From my knowledge this initiative is an Engen initiative not KZN as this has been taken place previously. Secondly from my understanding the reason BSA may not be involved is because of the U18 programme disagreements with Engen/Octagon. Therefore to potray BSA as a monster who is against this programme is factually incorrect. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

    Also the FSU ‘fiasco’ penned out in the best interest of SA bball in that our national team got a proper test. To me it appears that those who argue that FSU should have played with institutions do not have the best interest of SA bball, but their own self serving perception of ‘the best interest of bball’.

    As I have argued, sport in SA is controlled by Associations and it is wise that any private endeavours shoud be informed by the Association as they are mandated by us to act ‘in the best interest of bball’. And as I have argued, if we believe that the Exec is not acting in our best interest, we need to participate in forums where we can inform them of our opinions and remove them if need be.

    In the meatime, we all need to understand that all the comments on this site will be futile if we are not prepared to table them at relevant forums ie district, provincial and national associations.