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Pro Sport pulls out of GBL 2010

By on September 28, 2009 in League

With the prospect of playoffs looming large for some of the teams in the Gauteng Basketball League (GBL), basketball in Gauteng has suffered another major blow with the decision by Pro Sports Consulting to pull out of the 2010 edition due to the reason listed below.

Pro Sports Consulting have been running the 2009 edition of the GBL on a skeleton budget and gave ballers in the province and outside a taste of what they could do if given the proper funding and support. Like any organisation there might have been some ups and downs but the games were played and there was excitement around the different divisions with some competitive games throughout the year. It is disappointing that we keep suffering these major blows to a sport that is so simple to administer and much harder to play.

I have attached the letter sent by Pro Sport Consulting to the various team managers in the league. Let’s hope that there is light at the end of this never ending tunnel we call “basketball in South Africa”.

To Pro Sports Consulting and those involved in making GBL 2009 the success story it has been so far, thank you for the wetting our taste buds and lets hope we get the full meal from the powers that be very soon. Let’s go out there and support the teams that qualify for the playoffs and give the 2009 edition the proper sendoff.

Letter to Managers:

“GBL Teams Managers

We trust this finds you well.

The following is a basic report of GBL ( for 2009.  Also contained herein is commentary by Pro Sports as well as decisions for next year. TEAMS
(please note that 2007 and 2008 Pro Sports structures have been added just as a comparison)

Men: 6 (1 Division)
Women: 4 (1 Division)
No of games
Men: 15 (regular) 3 (playoff)
Women 6 (regular) 3 (playoff)

Men: 14 (2 Division)
Women: 6 (1 Division)
(110% growth)
No. of Games
Men: 84 (regular) 6 (playoff)
Women: 30 (regular) 3 (playoff)

Men: 34 (4 divisions)
Women 15 (2 divisions)
(133% growth)

Regional Breakdown
City of Johannesburg – Central: 50%
City of Johannesburg – Soweto: 10%
Tshwane: 24%
Vaal: 10%
Ekurhuleni: 2%
Free State: 2%
Mpumalanga: 2%

Club Type Breakdown:
Sports Clubs 54%, Institutions 43%, Companies 1%

No of Games
Men: 258 (regular) 12 (playoff)
Women: 98 (regular) 6 (playoff)

Male: 510
Female: 225

Age Analysis
O-17: 14
18-21: 134
22-25: 191
26-29: 181
30-33: 46

Race: Black 89%, White 8%, Coloured 2%, Asian 1%

Wits University (2 Courts) – 246 games
University of Pretoria (2 Courts) – 58 games
Vaal (1 Court) – 3 Games (30 planned)
Grace Bible (1 Court) – 102 (63 planned)

Match Allocation Regional Breakdown
City of Johannesburg: 73%
Vaal: 1%

Venue Cost Analysis (100% Match allocation)
Wits University: R34,000
University of Pretoria R145,000
Vaal: R305,000
Grace Bible: R0

1. Venue allocation was based on cost and the number of games that could be accommodated – On that analysis Wits proved to be best location because of its ability to host many games at low cost even though Grace Bible was best cost option.

2. Vaal venue
Despite costs several games were allocated to Vaal which were cancelled or postponed several times due to venue readiness and availability

3. For the most part relationship with venue owners has been good with few cancellations or disruption during the year

8 Mar – 30 May + 20 July – 10 Oct

(A) Fixture Integrity (Overall: Poor)
1. Failure of institutions and clubs to submit their calendars – only 1 club (University of Johannesburg) completed full analysis of calendar prior to season commencing.

2. Compromised due to failure of BSA and GBA to communicate national or provincial call-ups.

3. Administration failures contributed to several incidences which compromised integrity

1. Institutions not available to play from Jan to March, throughout May June and July and into mid October because of holidays and exams.

2. Teams outside of Gauteng unable to play mid-week due to travel requirements.

Fees: R5500 (2006 Metro League R6500)

Highlights (lowlights)

October 2009
Pro Sports secures R1.2 million funding for GBL (to be allocated to GBA)

Feb 2009
Dept of Sports cancels R1.2million grant to GBL due to Gauteng Basketball Association’s lack of financial documentation

May 2009
Pro Sports secures R500,000 funding for GBL (to be allocated via GBA or BSA)

June 2000
BSA unable to assist due to lack of financial documentation

July 2009
Dept of Sports cancels grant due to GBA and BSA lack of financial documentation

September 2009

Dept of Sports issues letter declining any support to basketball for foreseeable future.

With matches still to be played no analysis is given.


1. Involvement and interaction with GBA has been poor

2. All requirements of GBA with regards GBL have not been met.

Analysis of the league and basketball in general shows that the game has grown in Gauteng since our initial involvement in 2007. We believe that has been the case due to improved management of league structures.

The game however is hampered by management at strategic level where the association is involved. In short without sound management at those levels we believe that commitment at lower level (such as league) will always be compromised.
Unfortunately blame for these short comings can only be leveled against ourselves, the coaches, players and club administrators that all profess to love the game. In truth the associations from local to regional and finally national all claim to represent the above mentioned stakeholders. And yet the very membership that is represented plays no part in ensuring that they are appropriately represented. Our country comes from a rich history of activism where people have fought for what they believed they deserved. With that historical background the current culture of entitlement within basketball remains disappointing. Perplexing even. In South Africa those who love basketball must fight for it, for it to truly grow.

Our fight continues.

Pro Sports Consulting is pulling out of the Gauteng Basketball League immediately after the close of GBL 2009.

To the teams still involved in playoff contention good luck to you all.

Tshiamo Ngakane

General Manager

Article by Victor Shakineza with insert from Tshiamo Ngakane

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  1. Lerato says:

    well i agree with u Lebatha, i watch the game also, i think what he has learn from hungary was the waste of money and time, i realy don’t like his style of coaching, when a player make a mistake he sub him, he doesn’t give a player to ajust in the game, thats why the national team did so bad in Libya.

  2. Joe says:



    Please raise your concern in the appropriate forum as we are now only discussing SOLUTIONS.

  3. Perhaps Victor should create a registration area where all foot soldiers looking to get involved can register so that we can know who we are dealing with and where they are based. This will help us plan better.

  4. victor says:

    Hey Guys,

    @Cabby, I will look into it… One positive to come out of this discussion is the realization that we need to adopt a bottom up approach and focus on the future of the sport.

    I even think that we should all look to fund such a movement if possible… Who else is going to anyway? I mean I know that government will not fund it unless the house is in order and the house will not be in order unless the districts and the provinces are in order.. Kind of a vicious circle to be honest.. We need to stand up and be counted..

    Just thinking out loud and adding my thoughts to the forum…


  5. Seconded, happy to pay towards the development of bball.

  6. victor says:

    And I bet that some of you are thinking that it’s going to be a lot of money that you will need to contribute to such a movement but I say that even a R1 could make a difference to the survival of the sport in your community.

    But before we even get to that stage there is a lot of ground work to be done and we need to rally behind one focal point and go for it…

    Anyway I think that is where we have to start…

    “Failing to plan is planning to fail”


  7. Zeke says:

    just to jime in about costs.

    The guys that we have working here are doing a good job. We have a mini league running for just october as varsity exams are looming. They have come up with innovative approach.

    Cost per team is R 800. If you can pay then fine. If not then your team is on duty to set up the venue and supply ref/scorer etc. The venues are mostly outdoor, but those teams with home floors can ask to use them. It seems to be working well at the moment, but we’ll see. If wanna play then thats the set up. The more financial able clubs pay the way, so to speak, for the little ones.

    @Joe… easy my man, this isn’t a committee meeting, that kind of language is reserved for people who run board meetings. Are you part of BSA 😉

  8. Joe says:


    I consider myself the Teacher as ballers are proving quite ignorant. 😀

  9. Guru says:

    Thanx for elaborating on the sporting structure. It is the same , mostly, world over.Getting it to work , is down up. We perhaps indirectly are getting the leadership we deserve. U want change , get involved.

    I think with this understanding we can look to go forward.

    Am in for development “fee ” for ball. No matter how little, it will be more than there is at the moment.

    Zeke, is your league open to anyone?? Will be interested next time you have it.
    Am looking for Prep games in and around Gauteng. Must be a school structure with U/9 to U12.

    Willing to travel.

  10. Zeke says:

    @Guru…sorry I think that Umgungundlovu is a bit far for you to travel, even if you are willing.

    Having an u9 team and u11 is awesome. Keep up the good work.