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Latest results from African Ladies Championship 2009

By on October 12, 2009 in News

Updated results 14 october 2009:

African championship for ladies 2009 1

13 October 2009 results:

African championship for ladies 2009

Article by Victor Shakineza with information provided by BSA

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  1. victor says:



  2. Lungi says:

    what is it that you miss the most about the way basketball was back in the days?

  3. Theo says:

    It has to be sprite tournaments.ur shoot 3pt u get 2l sprite,t-shirt n cap.Slam dunk competition.

  4. Kevin mbugua says:

    Wz’up? I got yu’r up dates & it haz been very informative. The thing is yu guyz didn’t get back to me about the mmamelodi open tournament, the thing is there is a team in Kenya (current East African champions) CO-OP bank are interested in playing in next years event. If it’s not possible can u get info. On any other event they can participate in which is relevant.

    Thank you.
    Keep the heads up coming.

  5. baller says:

    i have read with interest the interview with our ladies head coach and quite a number of factors crossed my mind. for us to reach the semi-finals in 2011 will be almost mission impossible. the reason am saying this is given the amount of time invested in making our players better. look at all the teams that are performing better and the investment their country make in their preparations. firstly,our team never does anything in the years leading up to the championships. no friendlies or tournaments with teams in africa or internationally. there are no camps or anything like that. and are we also sure if the same head coach will be coaching the team?

    for me that will just be a pipe dream that might never materialise. the team didn’t do that bad in madagascar given the none preparation time and some of the teams they played against. question is are we going to learn from the experience and invest more time and resources in our national teams be it juniors or seniors. and also get our district and provincial structures going to produce better players.

    i can only hope that we support the coaches ambition.

  6. Guru says:

    I agree with you baller. 2011 is not feasible for the top 4. We can strive for it, but we must know certain things need to be in place for that kind of progress we want to cover in a period of 2 years . For example:
    1 Good administration and coaching structures that can identify and develop talent
    2. Competitive leagues that bring out the best in players. Boks have an advantage over most countries becoz of the fantastic Currie Cup.
    3.Financial and human resources to implement the plan.

    I think we may be overshooting ourselves wanting to jump 7 slots in 2 years. We are 11th out of a group of 12. Also we are assuming the other countries will be stagnant in terms of their game for the next 2 years , for us to catch up. That is not possible. If u follow women’s ball, u can see there already has been a shift in the balance. Mozambique has slipped in these championships, so guess what, they will be fighting tooth and nail to regain their dominance.

    Someone remind me the highest ranking our women has had? For us to jump to number 4?? I think we need to make responsible qualified statements, for people to take us seriously. Sponsors and other stakeholders read and get to hear these comments , and they will only put pressure on future teams and coaches, which is unnecessary. I would happy with SA qualifying again to go these games, before we talk about anything else. This will prove we deserve to be there and our participation was not a fluke.Remember Moza now does not have an automatic berth and so will participate in the next qualifiers.

    hats off to all the girls though. They need to stay with the program and take a step back. They saw the next level of ball, and I would love to see those girls in the gym more getting stronger and faster.

  7. n says:

    From the little that I’ve seen of ladies basketball, I can say that South Africa will always have a tough time through a lack of good internationally capable forwards and centres. Even small forward is a battle. There are many ladies who are point guard and shooting guard material. Many of them are good at guard or can be very good at guard. Unfortunately many of them are turned into forwards and centres, but they probably battle when they come across internationally capable forwards and centres.