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WCBA: All roads lead to UCT this weekend

By on October 23, 2009 in League


The Westen Cape Basketball Association season 2009 comes to its climax with the superleague finals aking place sundays 25th october and 1st november. For the Third year in a row, the finals will oppose the two best men teams in the province: CPUT Cats and Montana Vikings. As usual, basketball fans can expect games full of action as per usual whenever these two teams meet up.

African Basketball Association (, the number one supporter of basketball in the province, will provide exciting entertainment on the courtside with hip hop dancers and R&b, Hiphop and Ragga by an impressive line-up of the best djs in the city among which the TEAM SOPHISTICATED djs: Ozy, Domz and Trix plus many more to be confirmed.

Games stars at around 13h00 with the main event at 16h00.

Information supplied by Emmanuel Mavomo and edited by Victor Shakineza


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  1. n says:

    Wow. Talk about hanging in there. Both Thierry Kita and Craig Daniels need to be congratulated on this achievement. Thierry Kita I guess built the core of the CATS team from about 1998 while he was still a player and they are still a dominant force in Western Cape basketball. Craig Daniels, I guess, has done a great job of raising up the Montana Vikings core from also the late 1990’s when many of these players were still very young upcoming teenage talent, to the dominant force they are now. In the early 2000’s CATS regularly beat the Vikings, but I guess the Vikings have grown LOL. Victor Shakineza has and is doing a fantastic job with this site, so Emmanuel Mavomo, if possible, why not organize Victor 2 tables per game (1 Vikings, 1 CATS) with all the individual scores. Victor can convert it to png and we can see who scored (3 points, 2points, free throws), fouled, played. Assists, minutes played, turnovers etc are probably not recorded on the scoresheets, I guess.

  2. victor says:

    Hey N,

    I will try and get the stats for you on the finals and put them up on mybasketball. Thanks for the suggestion.. Take care.


  3. victor says:

    Unfortunately they didn’t keep stats for Game 1 but I will see what can be done as far as game 2 in concerned. Sorry about that. ciao,V

  4. n says:

    Hello Victor. No problem and nothing to be sorry about. You are doing a good job.

  5. Dumzer says:

    Once more, a concern for basketball, two teams in the Super League. Im not taking anything from the teams, but we should be concerned for the standard of basketball in the WC. I still do not think Marketing is the problem, the problem is beyond proper marketing. Three years in sequence, two teams play finals. I am a huge fan of basketball in the country and I would like to see a change in approach, if we want to move forward.

    Our organisation advocates for development of the sport at the lowest level. Like in the early 90, we need to see kids playing the game at their parks, schools etc, that is where we get the talent. The teams in the finals are the same players groomed in the early 90s, and if we do not act wisely, they will grow out of the game.

    I urge the basketball community to support one another against the powers that be, as it is now, they haven’t done what is needed. I hope Im wrong. BSA has to pull something, in all provinces. For example, Basketball Without Borders is still not a national news event, comon, that is real marketing. That is just an example on how the game prospers in little action.

    As for the finals, can BSA appoint a media team? we need to see pictures, videos, articles. I Dumisani Wambi, volunteers for this as I have qualification in Journalism. The website needs some work and dedication as the games does. Please Basketball is not a favour, it is life.

    Goodluck to Vikings, im with you this year, you deserve it guys. Cats pull all you got, give the fans what they’re looking for.