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Gauteng to host FIBA level 1 coaching clinic

By on December 18, 2009 in News
To All Gauteng Basketball Clubs:FIBA Africa Level 1 Coaching Clinic – 11 to 21 January 2010

Please be advised that Basketball South Africa has been commissioned by FIBA Africa to host the FIBA Africa Level One Coaching Clinic as follows:

Date : 11 to 21 January 2010

Venue : Johannesburg

The Gauteng Basketball Association (GBA) Interim Committee hereby invites all Gauteng Basketball coaches to send applications to attend this event.

Please note the following requirements for the application:

1. An up to date brief basketball curriculum vitae (CV), including a list of any FIBA coaching certifications obtained.

2. A certified copy of your South African identity document.

3. A brief letter of motivation as to why you wish to attend this clinic and how your attendance will benefit Gauteng Basketball in the future.

4. At least two references who can attest to your involvement in the sport.

NB: Two Gauteng coaches will be selected by the GBA Interim Committee to participate with all expenses paid (except travel costs) by Basketball South Africa.

All other Gauteng coaches approved to attend will be required to pay the minimum participation fee of 100 US Dollars to FIBA Africa, as well as cover any other possible expenses, ie accommodation and food.


The following criteria will be used to select Gauteng attendees to this event:

• Coaching qualifications;

• Current coaching role;

• Coaching experience;

• Provincial team coaching experience; and

• Player development and personal communication skills, in which case referees are required.

The following candidates shall be given special attention in the selection of Gauteng’s official ambassadors:

• Senior level coaches, and

• female coaches.

The following points of interest are relevant for this event:

• The FIBA Africa Instructor appointed for this clinic is Mr DELE AKPATA from Botswana.

• The aim of this training is to give skills and knowledge to coach senior teams

and/or national selection of young (cadet and/or junior) players.

• The programme comprises theoretical and practical courses developed by FIBA Africa experts.

• The clinic lasts 10 days, including the exam, with six (6) hours of course work per day.

• At the end of the clinic theoretical, oral and practical exams will be hosted under the supervision of the instructors.

• A FIBA Africa Diploma will be awarded to the successful participants at the end of the exams.

All applications are be sent via fax (Attention: Nthato Selebi) to (011) 621 6835, by no later than Thursday, 24 December 2009.

Information supplied by Kornelia Semmelink (GBA secretary general)

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There Are 14 Brilliant Comments

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  1. baller says:

    where are the clinics held

  2. victor says:

    Hi baller,

    The clinic has been cancelled until further notice… Here is part of the email I received: “Please note GBA received notice from Basketball SA on 6 January 2010 to inform us that the FIBA Africa Level 1 Coaching Clinic has been postponed until further notice.”


  3. kim says:

    Ohhhhk 🙂

  4. MJ says:

    A part of me is wondering whether this clinic is a publicity stunt or is informed by a well thought out strategy.

  5. kim says:

    Too good to believe 😉

  6. MJ says:

    I am confident that the clinic can still take place, but what I do not uderstand is why? What strategic obgective informs the need to have the clinic? Surely before one organises such a programme one needs to first establish a database which will direct what programme to organise and at what level?

  7. baller says:


    i fail to understand what informs you to say all what you saying without us knowing what happened before they were arranged, who arranged them and why were they postponed. till we get that information then we will be making assumptions. i think we need to avoid that. secondly, i hope you attend bball meetings and taking part in your local structures to share your positve ideas.

    2010 here we are. time to buy world cup tickets.

  8. MJ says:


    We will keep on making assumptions until BSA communicates with the bball public, we will keep on making assumptions until BSA properly consults with its stuctures either in their planning or in communicating plans.

    Also, my assumptions are based on pure strategic planning principles and I am not convinced that the clinics were properly planned as part of a strategy. In fact methinks FIBA Africa VII was looking for a host and we obliged, problem is this does not fit our coaching reality.

  9. baller says:


    I am sitting here and asking myself on how long are we going to blame BSA and not come up with solutions. at the end of the day we might have all the best solutions to problems and for as long as we not taking part in our local structures, they will just remain best solutions. we need not make all these assumptions without sound knowledge. i personally don’t know why the clinics were arranged in S.A or postponed but i can surely say that they would have helped a lot of our local coaches.

    rather than we spend time feeling bitter about what BSA does and doesn’t do, we should rather be looking at ways to develop the sport in our own small communities. we are going to fight and argue for the next 100 years. we all can contribute with solutions, but how many of us can implement that.

    people were here last year saying all the wrong things about GBA/GBL and then an AGM was called. and how many of us went there?now we have an interim GBA committee,people were hacking the poor commitee why gauteng isn’t going to the seniors. out of all that everyone had a chance to be at the AGM and a chance to be part of GBA structures but no one bothered. so,lets do in action not words.

  10. MJ says:


    Very well said, it is our responsiblity as ballers to participate in BSA to ensure that BSA knows what we want from it. I guess this is more food for thought for the eminent BSA general meeting.

    My misgiving though is that as much we may join the structures this does not gurantee that BSA will play ball. For instance, has BSA ever done any survey to find out what structures want?

  11. kim says:

    Just because you become active in your community does not guarantee that BSA will get anything done.I hope alot of issues are raised in taking the game forward in the upcoming meeting.Lets start running something that we all can be proud off.Lets play basketball not something similar to it.If we dont start using clocks then we playing something similar to it.Let the meeting clearly define the role of provinces and that of BasketballSA.Let all those who have attended report back to the masses and take this sport forward.

    Its a pity that this meeting is only for 1 day cos maybe this could be more fruitful over 2 or 3 days depending on the agenda.Hope to hear the outcome and hope it doesn’t get postponed

  12. MJ says:

    One of the principles for a very good meeting is that the agenda and relevant documents should be circulated well in advance. For a constituency based organisation like BSA a month should be a minimum for this to be done.

    This is highly recommended in order to give consituencies adequate time to discuss proposals with their members and receive mandates. Question is: has this been done? If not, then what is the point of belonging to structures if you are not going to be consulted about the direction the sport should take?

  13. baller says:

    does anyone know if GBL will be running this year??

  14. kim says:

    I dont think people wanna speculate until the official word is given by the interim GBA….