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SA national team selected at ’09 IPTs

By on December 22, 2009 in News

The male and female squads selected at the Senior IPT in Durban.


1.       Dumisani Chauke             –              E. Cape

2.       Nosipho Njokweni          –              E. Cape

3.       Thobela Gatywa               –              E. Cape4.       Siphokazi Hess                  –              E. Cape

5.       Philadelphia Khoabane  –              Free State

6.       Tsebo Mahlope                –              Free State

7.       Monalisa Maphumulo    –              KZN

8.       Silindile Shange                 –              KZN

9.       Emmerentia Ledwaba    –              Limpopo

10.   Phuti Mosehlana              –              Limpopo

11.   Requelh Molema             –              Limpopo

12.   Kelello Tswai                      –              Limpopo

13.   Veranique Samuels         –              W. Cape


1.       Cyril Shabalala                   –              KZN

2.       Nhlanhla Dlamini              –              KZN

3.       Christopher Fynne          –              KZN

4.       Lindokuhle Sibankulu     –              KZN

5.       Christian Mdeltshe          –              KZN

6.       Fumani Marhanele          –              Limpopo

7.       Nakedi Maputla                –              Limpopo

8.       Wisani Chauke                  –              Limpopo

9.       Jerry Manyubele              –              Limpopo

10.   Mlungisi Shongwe           –              Mapumalanga

11.   Tutu Gama                          –              Mapumalanga

12.   Lucky Loate                        –              N. West

13.   Amogelang Keogatile     –              N. West

14.   Andre Du Plessis              –              W. Cape

Information supplied by Lunga Ntuli and edited by Victor Shakineza

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  1. kim says:

    Maybe you have info about no camp,no games and no tour for the 2010?Eish,just when I think I am updated about BasketballSA happenings and there are these revelations that come out.Should I or shouldnt I believe them?!?!

  2. baller says:


    haha. you make me laugh. i was just responding to your question to Ayzie. it seems that he/she has all the relevant information that we don’t know about. hence i said that. i am still waiting for Ayzie to back up what he said about camps and all that.

  3. petervice-t says:

    plz people… i bliv sum of u knw a lot abt our previous SENIOR TEAMs Bt nw is time to learn to trust in other new players. jst bcos they never made it b4 das nt really matter that much accoding to my own point of view. i mean ppl like WISANI, FUMANE, LUCKY, AMOGELANG and others, can do magic and you will be surprised am telling you. So what am saying is that, lets find information abt their upcoming games and support them with lot of pride for representing as in advance… THIS IS YOUR MAIN MAN SIGNING HERE, AS AN UPCOMING SENIOR PLAYER IN YEARS TO COME… PEACE AND ONE NATION

  4. kim says:

    hahaha…I thought you were one of the priveliged to this type of information.Talking about the priveliged,the delegates attending the upcoming BaskeballSA General Meeting to be precise,is it possible that we can get a feel of what will be discussed come Saturday.Just for interest sake nothing more,nothing less.I hope that information is not confidential,secret or top secret.Vic,any information will be appreciated.

  5. MJ says:


    I bet your my last cent that provinces have not received the complete agenda and other discussion documents for the meeting, nor have they received any response to their requests for information. In fact, will the meeting take place at all? Would the meeting be legitimate in terms of delegates having proper credentials?

    It has been argued before that maybe the BSA General manager/secretary is not the right person for the job. Maybe BSA has dropped the ball as they seem not to have their priorities in the correct order.

  6. MJ says:

    I know it is too early, but any news on the AGM?