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GBA:The Wheels are moving

By on February 19, 2010 in League

“The wheels are moving’ said Gauteng Basketball chairperson Nthato Selebi at the GBA meeting this past Saturday, The pace is relatively slow considering various facts, and by the looks of things GBA is experiencing a slow puncher.

Adequate communication was sent out to the public regarding the meeting, hence the impressive turn out. Africa basket showed some love and of course mybasketball to name a few of the media present at the meeting. The point of the meeting was to give feedback to the Gauteng basketball community about what the current status looks like and where it’s going. Basically Gauteng Basketball only has a measly R309 to work with, reason why Gauteng didn’t send teams to the senior IPT’s in Durban last year.Selebi went on to discus the GBAs’ mandate during their interim. This mandate being;

  1. Coming up with a new structure that will work for basketball. Due to the lack of representation GBA is planning a road show to various constituencies to propose the new structure.
  2. Better communication; hats off to the general secretary Kornelia Semmelink for continuously keeping the public in the loop on; what is going on in the GBA office, meetings and general information.
  1. Continue with current projects. This will apply to the u/18 as the junior IPT’s will be on the 27th of April 2010 in the Northwest. Individuals who would like to be part of the Gauteng u/18 team are requested to send their curriculum vitae to by March 6 2010.

Last but not least the question on, what is happening with the league? Though some will not be impressed, GBA decided to bring Pro Sport Consulting back to run the 2010 league. After long discussions and meetings between the two parties. The decision was made that the ten week league will only start in August due to practical reasons of the soccer world cup happening in three months.

While we wait, GBA encourages the basketball community to run tournaments during the next two months with the condition that GBA is notified about the tournaments.

Unfortunately the above is what the current GBA committee can offer at this stage till the Annual General Meeting that will be held on the 30th of May 2010 (Venue to be confirmed). Never the less, a job well done to the guys for putting team effort in what use to be a one man fraternity.

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There Are 4 Brilliant Comments

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  1. GBA Sec Gen says:


    thank you for the great article. please note that the email address for GBA is, there was an l missing out of the article above.

    Thank you again to all who attended, as well as the media reps. We are very positive about the future whilst we are collaborating effectively with one another.

    GBA Sec Gen

  2. Baller no.1 says:

    This is killing ball in Gauteng, a league that only starts in August – common now, what do expect ballers to do till then. Watch the World Cup, I’m a baller. Might as well start the league in 2011.

  3. MJ says:


    From your comment I assume you did not attend this very iimportant meeting as it was explained why the 2010 league will start in August. Also according to the report above organisations & individuals are encouraged to organise tournaments before the league starts as

    The decision to start the league in August should also be taken into the context of bball generally and the need for GBA to prioritise. It is my view that the GBL can never and should never be the be it and end all of bbal..

    According to my research, in other countries Provincia/regional leagues also run for a very short period. For a long time, even the NBA ran for a short period for a league of its magnitude. KZN continues to compete a senior level even though their league does not compare to GBL. Locally, the Rugby Currie Cup is the premier national league and yet it also runs for a short time.

    To have a long league is not a prerequsite for a healthy development of a sport, in fact it can be detrimental to the sport as all energies will be spent to on the league at the expense of development, the PSL is a good example.

    The 2010 GBL decision should therefore encourage GP ballers to start to support basketball in all its formats. Schools leagues such as the Rainbow, GSBC, etc are currently running, we should all be going to their games to support the future of bball. Imagine what effects this would have to the young players and the image of bball if these games are played to full stands.

    Therefore Baller,contrary to your comment, the GBL 2010 decision in meant to rather refocus our efforts in developing bball.

  4. Darren says:

    We’ve fixed the link in the post now, sorry about that.

    MJ, you make an very important point: “The 2010 GBL decision should therefore encourage GP ballers to start to support basketball in all its formats.”

    We know this has not happened as much as necessary in the past, but I have to agree that getting more basketball tournaments or leagues [in whatever format] going is incredibly important in the overall development of basketball.

    With the “opportunity” provided by a shorter GBL season, do you have any ideas as to how we [the basketball community at large, even possibly using this forum – MyBasketball] could facilitate these efforts and support them?

    It would also be great to hear from those who are currently running any form of leagues or want to do so, what your biggest challenges are and what support would be useful and valuable.