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Hoopers tournament – Gauteng

By on March 11, 2010 in News

In the spirit of supporting initiative in the basketball community, please note the following message inviting all Gauteng teams to participate in a community tournament this coming weekend:

“To all Gauteng Basketball teams and clubs, I invite you to participate in the Hoopers Tournament this weekend.
The aim of the tournament is to grow basketball competition within Gauteng and show South Africa that we still have it!

Date:   14/03/10
Venue: Soweto
Fee:     R600 per team

Registration is open to everyone and will close on 13 March 2010.

Come be the first to participate at the HOOPER’S TOURNAMENT.

For more info contact Hooper on 073 406 0535″

Let’s support each other get the ball in motion.

Kind regards,

GBA Sec Gen

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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. baller says:

    Where in Soweto?

  2. Ayzie says:

    People endorse events and then they don’t even pitch up to see what is going on. I asked what the R600 was for and only to fond the tournament was a joke. How are we Xpected to pay that amount to play against 3 divisions of Raptors? We went and we the onlt team Xpected to pay! I think events should be audited before being endorsed.

  3. Darren says:

    Sorry for not getting back in time, hope you managed to get an answer.

    Thanks for the comments, it’s incredibly important that we get this sort of open communication and feedback about events happening to improve the general level of all basketball events taking place, something I can see you understand well and are already involved in.

    On endorsing, fair point. It would be great to have every event ‘audited’ beforehand so that people know what to expect, but this would be costly and time-consuming, and may result in less events taking place [if they become too expensive to organise and take too long to get approved through those channels].
    Do you think if we could raise the levels of accountability [using public feedback like you’ve provided here] so that the community is aware of how the events go down, that this could generate similar results without the same expenses and time spent? Yes, it might take a while to filter through but I think it could be very effective if we get it right.

    As for the fee and the number of other teams, I can’t comment. But I do hope that if we can increase the visibility of basketball in general and have more widespread advertising of events, that it could draw more teams to eac event and thereby make sure that fair entry fees are charged. For example, you may have felt different if there were 10 teams there all paying the same fee.

    Please keep in mind that we included the post on MyBasketball as a community notice. We do this [and want to include notice of as many basketball events as possible] to try raise awareness of events and hopefully increase participation. Any event advertised on MyBasketball should not be seen as endorsed by us unless it is specifically stated.

  4. ayzie says:

    Sure, I’m not saying mybasketball endorsed! I’m actually talking about GBA as the info was provided by the Second and they didn’t even show up and probably they cannot even produce a report on the event. Publicising events is great but putting the name of GBA actually give the organisation a bad name. I’m crying foul coz we asked for fixtures and the number of teams but we were sent from poillar to post. We requested for receipts as proof of payment from other teams but the organiser said he left them at home. The rest I rest my case.

  5. baller says:


    I never got to find the venue but its cool.


    I do understand your frustration regarding the Hoopers Tournament. well, i have diffent views with regard to the issue on the audit and all that. i should take it that if someone organise a tournament, they only have to request permission from GBL but then it becomes a rivate affair after that. auditing that might be a challenge to GBL. on the other hand, if one organises a tournament you never know how many teams will respond and therefore it becomes difficult to tell other teams in advance not to come etc. having said that, i don’t think it was right for the organisers to charge you that amount if ou were the only team playing one team with three divisions. the organiser should out of goodwill refund your registration.


    i think what other teams can learn from what Ayzie said is that we need to get more organised if we are to have tournaents arranged by individuals. for example, invitations should be send to teams atleast a month before not 2 days before a tournament then its published on this website. by sending invites, more teams will respond to the invites. lets just help each other and make efforts to grow bball.

  6. K says:

    btw – this was not a Raptors tournament, let’s be clear about that.

    agree on the auditing suggestion, but agree that it is also resource intensive. what’s the alternative, tell people they can’t arrange ball community tournaments until GBA has the capacity to audit them? especially cause people always have a whole lot to say but never enough time to assist. GBA is a community initiative, let’s get that straight.

    like mos def said and read “basketball” where this a reference to “hip hop”‘:

    “A lot of things have changed
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    Til you get a clear idea
    So.. if Hip-Hop is about the people
    and the.. Hip-Hop won’t get better until the people get better
    then how do people get better? (Hmmmm…)”

  7. ayzie says:

    Let’s not use drama to get points across! Problem people want to paly but not PAY! If all the 3 teams had paid I wouldn’t have a problem! Tourney are hosted and things go well! I guess individuals should not be allowed to host events but teams can so that tjey can be used to raise funds! A calendar can be drawn to say this team is hosting this month. This would make all teams attend as they will need the other teams when they are hosting an event. For instance the Mams tourney used to be hosted by Charioters and they were better organised because everyone in the team is involved.