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USSA 2010 qualifiers – Western Cape

By on March 12, 2010 in League

USSA Western Cape is proud to bring you the 2010 USSA qualifiers. Having spent two exciting years coaching in the GBL, I was convinced that it doesn’t get better than GBL…..well I don’t think so but only time will tell. Having been part of the opening day of the USSA qualifiers,the first thing that just hits one in the face is the numerous fans at the game. This felt like a USSA national tournament played at the prestigious UCT indoor sports hall.There were four games on show with UCT men and women looking very impressive, whilst CPUT men looked like a patient ward at the Tygerburg hospital rather than a basketball team. They eventually scrapped through to beat their CPUT rivals from Bellvile. Coaching a new CPUT generation was exciting and frustrating at the same time and this is set to be a wonderful learning experience.

There are 5 institutions participating in these qualifiers:





CPUT Bellville

UCT comes in as favourites coming in to the second week of these qualifiers based on the performance of their teams during the opening day of games. Speaking to the USSA Chairperson Mr Frans Mamabolo,he indicated the desire of the USSA western cape to build University Basketball in the next 2 years so that the province can compete with and win against teams from Gauteng.

He was also excited about the future of Western Cape ability to recruit good players from other provinces such as CPUT’s Lungile Mtsweni from UJ.The national ladies coach, Mr Craig Daniel, was spotted in the crowd and he expressed excitement at the prospect that elite players from other provinces recognised the numerous facilities at the disposal of Western Cape institutions and hoped other players similar to Ms Lungile Mtsweni talents could make a contribution in the standard of play within the province.

On the day 4 games where played, with the following results;


Stellenbosch 60  vs UCT 84

CPUT (Bellville) 39 vs CPUT (Cape Town) 64


Stellenbosch 33 Vs UCT 77

CPUT (Bellville) 3 vs CPUT (Cape Town) 134

As from next week I will be giving feedback on games from the USSA qualifiers and getting coaches and player profiles from the various institutions. We will give a report on tonights main game between CPUT and UCT(die poppe gaan dans vanaand) as well as all the results from the UCT indoor. All fans are invited and games begin at 18h00.

Till then,as they say in the Western Cape….


Article by Kimathi Toboti and edited by Victor Shakineza

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  1. BZ says:

    U C Waaaaaat !!!

  2. Kim says:

    That shout had my players shacking in their pants last friday.,LOL.On a serious note,UCT has a crowd and a half.

  3. frans says:

    I think these qualifiers have brought back what student want on friday evenings. I hope WCBA will take the tips out of this.

  4. K 13 says:

    Tigers for Life!!!!!!!!!!!! U C T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!