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USSA Western Cape Qualifiers – 12 March 2010

By on March 18, 2010 in League

No dancers, No pumping Hip-hop sounds just straight up balling was the name of the game when USSA Western Cape was hosting its second week of USSA qualifiers matches at the UCT Indoor sports hall. With fans eagerly awaiting the University of Cape Town (UCT) versus Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) games, the University of the Western Cape and CPUT Bellville were creating a epic battle on court 2.

University of the Western Cape vs Cape Peninsula University of Technology (Bellville Campus)

UWC was coming out for the first time during these qualifiers and the fans where at hand to welcome them. The first Men section game pitted Coach Q Rapitse’s UWC vs CPUT Panthers. Coach Mokoena’s CPUT Panthers where hoping for a better performance after losing to their CPUT rivals and where eager to prove to their Bellville neighbours that they were no pushover’s. CPUT came out guns blazing, making sure that they brought energy that they lacked during their previous game.S Matsheza(CPUT #10)was the catalyst for the panthers with his defense and getting open looks for teammates. S Gabriel (UWC #15) and F Marais (UWC #8) had other ideas and started getting points and important rebounds for their side. Such was their dominance; they accounted for their teams 13 points come the end of the 1st quarter. This was a great start to the game and the teams could not be separated after the 1st quarter. Score UWC 13 – CPUT (Bellville) 13

The second quarter was as heated as the 1st but one could see that UWC was starting to get settled in the game and they were impressive on their sets. They were running some fastbreaks but everytime they seemed like pulling away O Khitsane (CPUT #12) would answer with some clutch shooting from outside, making sure his team did not fall behind.S Gabriel and F Marais where no longer getting the open looks of the 1st half which forced other players to step up. Both team where shooting at a low shooting percentages and both coaches where not impressed with the shot selection that their teams took. The two teams kept the game interesting and the half time difference for CPUT was only 2 points. Half Time Score: UWC 24 – CPUT (Bellville) 22

Having not scored a single point in the 2nd half, S Gabriel was back and seemed like a possessed warrior. Everytime he received the ball, he looked at making a hard move to the basketball. His post moves where immaculate and used his height to great effect and none of the CPUT defenders could stop him. One could see in his facial expression that he wanted his teammates to ‘make the circle bigger’. On a serious note, this ultimately was the game changing performance handing UWC an 18 – 8 scoreline in the 3rd quarter.S Gabriel contributing 9 points in that run and some key rebounds.

The Panthers were looking to claw back into the game and started playing some pressure defense to try cut the 12 point deficit that they where facing. S Matsheza really impressed with some determined fighting but none of his teammates could give a significant contribution to give CPUT a turnaround to the scoreline. In the end S Gabriel’s 3rd Quarter performance sealed the game for the UWC. . F Marais and S Gabriel scored game high 18 points with S Matsheza managing to a team high 14 points for his team. Final Score UWC 53 – CPUT 43

Cape Peninsula University of Technology  vs University of Cape Town (ladies)

The main game of the day was the battle between CPUT vs UCT ladies. Both teams came into the game feeling good from their 1st game wins against CPUT Bellville and Stellenbosch respectively. The team to win this game would cement their place in the final although one would argue UCT had a good win against a Stellenbosch and all its remainder games where not as strong. Bragging rights where on the line and UCT had its 13th player (crowd) roaring them on.

Jump Ball

The UCT team looked the more confident team and the indoor hall went berserk as UCT sharp shooter J Hlgenberg(#6) opened the game with a deep 3 pointer and immediately went into a Full Court Man to Man Press. Coach Mathew Nondlwana was well prepared for the press and handed the ball to their new recruit L Mtsweni(#7). With L Mtsweni’s pace and dribbling abilities, she quickly got the UCT players in foul trouble.S Matshalaga (UCT #9)was key to UCT fast paced offense and was able to get herself to the free throw line on numerous occasions and hit 4 free throws to keep UCT in the lead. The first quarter was spent a lot on the free throw line as both L Mtsweni and S Matshalaga where attacking hard to the basket for their respective teams. UCT still continued with their press despite their fouls and eventually had S Matshalaga on 3 fouls in the 1st quarter.3 of the UCT players were in foul trouble but despite that UCT was 14 – 12 up at the end of the 1st Quarter.

At the beginning of the 2nd Quarter I thought to myself that UCT would sit back and play zone defense based on their numerous players that had 2 or more fouls. This was not the case and they changed to a full court zone press, trying to get the ball to the sideline but the CPUT outfit lead by H Ungwagwa(#4) kept the ball from the traps. UCT just could not stop fouling and this was evident after 4 of the 1st 5 where on foul trouble. This was partly due to some dubious referring from the referees, where it seemed as if they where intimidated by L Mtsweni’s presence in the game. L Mstweni was stuck on automatic, hitting free throw after free throw. She however, during numerous stages, forget that she was playing with teammates and thus started getting frustrated and losing focus. This lead her to lose the ball and ended having to chance back on defense. At the half she was on 4 fouls with CPUT holding on to a 6 point lead. Half Time Score: CPUT 30 – UCT 24

Coach M Nondlwana of CPUT had to sit down L Mtsweni and the lady Cats had to find other scoring avenues and they got that from their point guard H Ungwagwa.The UCT Head Coach, T Leclech, was increasingly losing his cool with the referees whilst his team was making a comeback but the referees where really pushing him to the edge. I must admit that this was one of the worst games I have ever seen from a team of referees. It was as if the one referee was trying so hard to outdo each other on who could have the worst game. The UCT ladies where determined but CPUT’s Ungwagwa was able to control the game especially that UCT had gone into a passive 2 – 3 Zone.

UCT on the other hand where getting offensive help from the unlikely source, T Silubone(#15). With the starters locked on foul trouble, she was able to bring energy to the UCT crowd that returned the favour and UCT believed that a comeback was on the cards. Despite this, UCT trailed going into the fourth quarter.

Coach Leclech eventually lost his cool and got a disqualifying foul for arguing with the POLICE (Refs) and Assistant Coach Kazadi had to take over. With UCT making a come back and being within 3 points, L Mtsweni hit the ensuing 2 shots plus her 2 free throws due to her on a previous foul before the disqualifying foul. To make matters worse CPUT got fouled after the ball was inbouded from half court and CPUT accumulated 5 points with only 5 secs coming off. This frustration filtered down to the players and some more technical fouls followed. L Mtsweni continued where she left of in the 1st half and scored 12 in the last quarter thus taking her tally to a game high 28 points. T Silubone top scored with 19 points for UCT and was my player of the game.

CPUT might have won the game but something tells me that these two teams will most definitely meet in the final and I can see the rivalry just getting more heated with every game. This was a terrific game of basketball.

In other games played:

UWC ladies gave CPUT (Bellville) a hiding and a half. With the final score of 112 – 12 to UWC. Coach Wambi’s CPUT team was just not good enough in this game and have a lot to work on should they want to compete at this level.I am impressed with the team spirit of the team but besides that,they can use this a building phase for the institution.

UCT was out to avenge their ladies team loss and it should in the opening stanza of the game. This was one of the 3 exciting games of the day and it did not disappoint. UCT showed a great sense of desire and lead by their Captain,M Diatta overcame a sluggish looking CPUT team. The UCT team is undefeated at the moment and just need 1 win to ensure qualification for the final. UCT had 3 players in double figures with contributions from L Viljoen (#15),T Magezi (#13) and B Zhou (#10).V Ntunja had a game high 27 pts but it was a case of too little too late for CPUT and they on the verge of elimination should the lose any more games.The Final Score: UCT 58 – CPUT 55

Fixtures for the 19th March 2010

Ladies at 18h30

CPUT vs Stellenbosch


Men at 20h30

CPUT vs Stellenbosch


Article by Kimathi Toboti and edited by Victor Shakineza

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  1. Db says:

    Loving the articles, nice to see people are starting to take note of wazhappenin’ in basketball today 🙂 Thanks kimathi! Keep it up!

    U C WHAT!!

  2. Molupe says:

    Kim, Db is right – this is great stuff! Western Cape is running its own March Madness. Hope you catch the bug of WC basketball – it does get to be pretty intense. Also great to see that UCT back up there again. Sergey, keep up the good work. Probably means that weekend pick up games at UCT are a big fixture. Wonderful!

    Lungi, good to see that you have introduced yourself to the Western Cape. Work hard beacuse you know that the Jhb teams will be waiting for you at the USSA’s. And get your focus back. Yessus Man!

    Awe Western Cap.

  3. Aggrey says:

    Hello Coach Molupe. How are you and the UJ Teams doing ? My friend Kim, wazzzup ? just met with Victor at the UCT weekend pick up games and he told me you are in Town. Guess what… I am in the Cape Winelands managing the Leauge (WBL) within the Boland region. Still living in Northcliff in Jozi and commuting in regular flights back home every three weeks for the AIA Ministry Team.

  4. Kim says:

    With the numerous calls I have been receiveing regarding last weeks game,please bear with me.It was 'March Madness' again down this side and I am just awaiting the scoresheets to finalise the feedback.I am hoping that I will be getting everything up on the site as early as tomorrow morning.Sorry for the delay but its out of my hands.

  5. Kim says:

    With the numerous calls I have been receiveing regarding last weeks game,please bear with me.It was 'March Madness' again down this side and I am just awaiting the scoresheets to finalise the feedback.I am hoping that I will be getting everything up on the site as early as tomorrow morning.Sorry for the delay but its out of my hands.