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100 things learned from coaching

By on April 25, 2010 in Resources

HoopsU carried an interesting list of 100 things learned from coaching, compiled by Weber State University Coach, Phil Beckner.

Although its aimed at the American college scenario, it’s a good read that most coaches will appreciate, and maybe even pick up a few things on.

Some of the gems included on the list:

  • Treat wins like losses and losses like wins
  • If you stat it, chart it, or emphasize it, it will be important to your team (deflections, charges, turnovers)
  • Toughness is one of the most underrated characteristics of good teams! You need speed, talent, athleticism, and skill but toughness gets you through the year
  • It doesn’t matter what you run if you can’t shoot
  • 3 keys to be in every game: transition defense, rebounding, turnovers!
  • Make sure to have a “come from behind” plan.  Even if you are not a pressing/trapping team, you have to have something for the last 2 minutes if you are behind.

You can read the full list here on HoopsU.

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