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BSA picks an under 20 teams without holding trials…

By on May 25, 2010 in News

bsa_logoIn a letter to provinces sent on the 17th May 2010 by Mr Tsepo Nyewe, BSA said:

” Basketball South Africa has been mandated by SASCOC to organise and select the National Team for the 2010 Zone Six Games that will be hosted by Swaziland from 09th December 2010 until the 19th December 2010 in Mbabane.As a Federation we have been unable to select the Team as we had initially planned due to our financial position, as an alternative and after lengthy deliberations by the Board of Basketball SA, it was resolved that we use the remaining players from the 2008 Under 20 National Team, add them with the 2008 Schools Under 17 National Team and Under National Team and use the 2009 Under 16 Team as addition to the Squad.

Attached is a Squad that was compliled using the above resolution. We are seeking your assistance as Provinces in getting hold of the kids and give the attached Bio Data Form to fill inn correctly, attached a copy of a valid Passport(certified) and a recent pasport photos(4).

These forms needs to be send back to the National Office on or before Wednesday the 26th May 2010 close of business.”

Here are the two draft “teams”:



Article by Victor Shakineza

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There Are 7 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Cavs says:

    The silence on this matter astounds me. Do peopel really understand the implications?
    You are making a lot of assumptions here the most obvious one being that, players do not improve, once you make a national team you are guaranteed of making subsequent teams despite loss of form or other players improving. I feel sorry for that player who was dropped in 2008 because of a lot of reasons from poor coaching ,lack of transparent criteria to a bad day on the court due to stomach bug. That day in 2008 if afffecting them 2 years later in 2010.

  2. RA says:

    What a surprise… as per usual, BSA eats basketball money and then screws up hard-working kids' chances of playing for their country, and perhaps moving a step closer to a better future. Stuff BSA. Morons. Now they've cancelled the U18 IPT's, what the hell? What is wrong with these people? What makes rugby or cricket more important? I believe that someone should just start a new basketball association in South Africa that will actually take things seriously, and those who still want to subscribe to BSA can do so. this is exactly the problem with basketball in Africa: people like the BSA.

  3. Joseph Mangadi says:

    I have been following and contributing to this blog since inception, but I am yet to find the most REVOLUTIONARY AND APPROPRIATE SOLUTION TO BBALL IN SA.

    I hereby second your motion.

  4. another voice says:

    and while we're about it – how did the junior olympic team get selected?

  5. u20 says:

    bsa did actually hav trials for under 20 at UJ. the xact date i am not sure of as i was part of the almost 50 males that was there

  6. Baller says:

    enlighten us. Who came from where? How did u get to know about it? Why is it not common knowledge and are u saying the above statement from BSA itself is false?

  7. Baller says:

    enlighten us. Who came from where? How did u get to know about it? Why is it not common knowledge and are u saying the above statement from BSA itself is false?