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Gauteng Basketball Association AGM 2010

By on November 14, 2010 in News

Press release:

(“GBA” or “the organisation”)

Notice is hereby given that an elective annual general meeting (the “AGM”) of members of the organisation will be held at Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture, in the board room on level 5, at 38 Rissik Street, Johannesburg at 09:00 on Saturday, 27 November 2010.

A full notice of the business to be transacted at the AGM will be circulated in the early part of next week.

In case of any queries please contact the GBA secretariat at

By order of the Executive Committee

G Moseneke



05 November 2010

The Gauteng Basketball Association is the official representative for Gauteng province in the General Assembly of Basketball South Africa, itself a member of the South African Sports Confederation Olympic Committee (SASCOC).

On the Agenda:

REQUIRED: Gontse Moseneke

Danmore Chirinda

Andile Hlophe

Malakia Loate

Sean Rubineck

Mmeli Magubane

Registered members of GBA

1. Welcome, Attendance Register/Credentials and Quorum

2. Changes and additions to the Agenda

3. Approval of minutes of previous General Meetings

3.1. Annual General Meeting dated 30th May 2010

3.2. Special General Meeting date 13th June 2010

4. Noting of Resolutions passed since last meeting

5. Report by the Chairperson

5.1. Developments to date

5.2. Medium term strategic direction

5.3. Financial matters

6. Election of EXCO members Options A & B

“The Exco recognizes the need for nominated candidates to be given an opportunity to communicate their vision and strategy to the member community. Further, the members ought to be afforded the opportunity to interrogate the nominated candidates, before casting their vote. In light of this the Exco team proposes to the members that the election of GBA office bearers take place in two stages:

A1. nomination of candidates for the various offices (Chairperson, SG etc) – to happen at the AGM; and

A.2. presentation/motivation by candidates and interrogation by the voting members – to be happen at a special general meeting for elections, to be convened on a date to be agreed at the AGM, and in any case soon after the AGM.”


B.1 Nomination of candidates

B.2 Voting – proposal on procedure

7. General

8. Closure

Information provided by GBA and edited by Victor Shakineza

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There Are 3 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Joseph Mangadi says:

    Sorry to do this again, but I have sent the following request to GBA email and I am still waiting for the documents:

    Dear GBA EXCO

    To ensure a speedy meeting it is important that members engage with documents beforehand, therefore please send the following documents as per the agenda:

    1. Minutes of the AGM 30 May 2010.

    2. Minutes of the GM 13 June 2010

    3. Organisational report, especially midterm strategy

    May I also add constitutional amendments to the agenda as I have a proposal for the GBA structure. Also, please send the constitution in this regard. I will submit my proposal as soon as I have studied the current constitution.


  2. Joseph Mangadi says:

    Just as I predicted, what a farce of a meeting:

    1. How can you convene a general meeting without providing obvious documents like minutes, constitution, reports, plans, motions?

    2. How can ‘members ‘ come to a general meeting without preparation ie. background research?

    3. How can you elect board members without a stipulated criteria and with no clear mandate?

    4. How can you re-elect board members without perfomance evaluation?

    5. How can you decide that district membership is the way forward but fail to discuss the definition of a district?

    Until ballers confront the fact that we are ignorant of sport governance and adminstration issues, we will continue to swim in the pool of mediocrity.

  3. Joseph Mangadi says:

    Sorry to say “I told you so” and as they say “who laughs last…”, I wonder what is the status of GBA?

    Also BSA is only now acknowledging that without proper functioning Pronvincial, District and School structures there is no point in planning development programmes when the structures are not aligned properly to implement them.