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The Summer of Love is now the Summer of LeBron

By on June 25, 2014 in NBA

A couple of weeks ago, this was being called the Summer of Love (Northern hemisphere summer, that is) because of all the rumours that Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves would be traded. Even though that’s still in play, there’s now a bigger fish in the sea.

For the first time in four years, all NBA teams can dream about adding LeBron James to their starting lineups. LBJ opted out of his six year contract yesterday (with two years left on it) to “test the market”, leaving fans and teams alike drooling at the thought…

Here’s a nice guide via Bleacher Report (courtesy of Jeff Lowe) helping visualise just what that could mean:

LBJ through the NBA

He’s not just testing the market though. He’s also telling the Heat management they better make some adjustments to avoid disappointment like earlier this month where they lost in the NBA Finals to Tim and the Duncanettes, I mean the San Antonio Spurs.

Four years ago , he made “the Decision” and it turned into a PR nightmare, one which he hasn’t fully recovered from as a lot of the general public still wants to see him fail. Getting burned like that, it’s very likely he’ll still stick with the Heat, but has the added benefit of leverage now to make sure they know he’s serious about needing support to win more titles.

So come this time October, even though there’s a good chance we’ll still see number 6 in Miami, it’s bound to be a fun summer along the way.

Where do you think he’ll end up?


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  1. Chris Coutselinis says:

    I believe he is going to stay there. The Heat already started doing Lebrons favors by taking Shabazz Napier on the draft. Like you said all this is to force the Heat to make some moves to strengthen the team.

  2. Darren Gorton says:

    Yes, they’re definitely playing the game right now. Last I heard is that if any of the Big 3 don’t return, it’ll actually be Chris Bosh. Strange thought but it makes sense since D Wade is probably a Miami lifer and LeBron wants to build a legacy , while Bosh kinda just disappeared. It’ll be interesting for sure.