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GBL Media Launch

By on October 16, 2008 in News

With all that basketball has gone through since the mid-90’s, the launch of the
GBL is one that is most anticipated by players and fans alike, and one that we
believe is the birth of the rebuilding of basketball not only in Gauteng, but
in the country and hopefully the sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. The situation
in Basketball cannot go any worsen in this country, however we believe in the
potential growth of the sport in SA and we have drawn more inspiration from our
recent experience of the NBA game in London which just showcased the spectacle
of the game of basketball and its commercial potential in SA.

A press release before a media launch is normally not recommended at the fear of
giving all the information away, nevertheless, here is a taste of what to look
out for at the launch. As known to the basketball community at large, Gauteng
Basketball Association and Pro Sport Consulting finally reached an agreeable
working arrangement. This has resulted in one huge league being formed which
looks to increase the competitiveness of the sport in Gauteng. This move is
supported by Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture, and Recreation whose
main purpose is to see Gauteng as The Home of Champions, and we have also
managed to, in principle, secure sponsorship that will help us run the GBL as
best as the assistance we have been promised would allow. We partnered with a
publicity company whose mandate is to invite as many media representatives as
possible to help spread the word about what is happening around basketball in

Our mandate as Pro Sport Consulting to GBA is to run a very successful senior
league in Gauteng, which leaves a huge opportunity for other people interested
in basketball to play their part during this historical event, and that is the
junior basketball programme. Much as our focus will be on the senior
basketball, we would like to assist those involved in junior basketball in
order to secure the future of senior basketball. This is a function we believe
must be executed at grassroots level and would require a hands on approach by
individuals dedicated to basketball in their respective areas or communities.

Suggestions from the public as to how to improve the league will be considered
but we trust that our strategy that will be presented at the media launch is
one that has been well-thought out, tried and tested, and one that is best as
the way forward to creating the best and biggest league in South Africa.

For those people who would like to attend the launch, please send your names and
the team/club(s) you represent to

Due to limited seats, this will be on a first come first served basis and each
team is allowed not more than two people to attend the launch.

We hope to see you there and look forward to your support at every step of the

For more information about the launch, please refer to the flyer, or else call
Manny on 011 494 4077.



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There Are 14 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Joe says:


    Thanks for the information, it is really appreciated.

    However, It is disappointing, though, that GBA has not consulted with its members on the league. There are political grey areas that first needed to be addressed before the league is launched. Unfortunately, it seems we will have to raise these at the launch and, as always, EBA will there to play Devil’s Advocate due to GBA’s ineptitude.

  2. Victor says:

    Please note: RSVP to

    ciao, V

  3. Graig says:

    Most people are working or at school, why is the lunch on a friday morning?

  4. Setlogelo says:

    The time and date is fair considering that this is the business of basketball. Thus business hours are during the week. It could be any other working day but Friday just stand out.

    The organisers must have done their homework because it is rare for journalists to get hard news on a Friday. This is one of the opportunities available for the basketball people to create a hype.

    The timing is a smart move.

  5. Setlogelo, thanks for your response to Craig above, it is spot on. Journalists do not like to work on weekends and Friday gives them an even better reason to come as they do not have to go back to work afte the launch.

    Joe, I appreciate your comment, however, we must be careful that we do not expose such issues in front of the media and potential sponsor. I suggest that you call a meeting with us and the rest of GBL so that these issues can be addressed in a contained environment.

    Please note that the media launch is not necessarily a public discussion forum about basketball, but is to market basketball to the media and sponsors. If we turn it into an internal baskebtall issues discussion forum, it will work against what we are trying to do.

    Please consider this going into the launch.

  6. kim says:


    Dont worry man,joe would never do such a thing.He loves basketball too much to put water over such a launch.

  7. Setlogelo says:

    Sure Cabby.


    I support what Cabby is saying. Whilst on the phone, I forgot to mention that to you earlier in our telephonic conversation. Perhaps I was going that route when we spoke about some discussions at the Engen Coaching Clinics in KZN.

    I suppose the remark above also serves as an invitation to a meeting with Cabby. Give him a call and set an appointment.

  8. Setlogelo says:

    Eish, my use of the queens’ language was incorrect.

  9. Joe says:


    Thanks for the faith above, you give me too much credit, hopefully I will not disappoint you.


    I have already spoken to Cabby and promised not to cause too much of a scene as I have already asked GBA to provide us with the necessary information, hopefully they will oblige.

    However, if GBA does not oblige and certain information is announced at the launch which may not be in the best interest of the EBA, I will be have to ask cause if I do not I would have failed my constituency.

    As I said in our coversation, the Vusi BSA played us by always asking people not to embarass basketball in the media, look where that got us. Every leader needs to know that they need to be accountable, as far as I am concerned there is no sacred cows, there is no favours.

  10. Joe, I admire your passion and dedication to the sport. You are more than welcome to ask questions that concern you and your constituency and hopefully you will be answered satisfactorily. We are certainly not asking to be treated as sacred cows (as you distinctly mentioned above) and are asking for no favours. My view is basketball is what the media say it is irrispective of the motives behind. If they sense some infighting of some sort, they will blow that out more than the purpose of the launch.

    Media decides the fate of things in SA. Given the history of basketball, the sport needs nothing but good things to talk or read about. I’m more than certain that issues relating to protocol and how the league should run, is something that can certainly be discussed internally by admistrators. Unfortunately, such meetings are hard to come by, sometimes i wish basketball had permantly working administrators to get meetings and decisions done quicker.

  11. neo says:

    Basketball needs professional administrators. Qualified people who know why things should be done and some shouldnt. Sport people need to stand up and be counted when it cokme s to such issues and be bullied by so called POLITITIANS. Lets just hope that this whole thing does not blow up in our faces.

  12. kw3ku says:

    If anybody watched news yesterday i THINK i heard/ saw something abouut SASCOC and basketball??

  13. Setlogelo says:

    That was on SABC 3 at 7. I was going to switch the station but hanged on due to the snippet they played on their headlines. That of a basketball game.

    The report indicated that basketball is getting 16 million rands annually. They revealed that the amount does not match the performance on international stage. In other words the code does not advance to competitions such as the Olympics.

    However the theme of the report was that SASCOC seek to be the centre for the distribution of the Sports Funding from the Lotto. So it is about the control of the finances.

  14. Victor says:

    I heard that the GBL launch went off smoothly. So the hard work starts now. ciao,V