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Workouts to Jump Higher – Hardcore Drills to Increase Vertical Leap

By on March 30, 2010 in Resources

dunkBy: Steve Litt

To become great at anything you have to work at it. Nothing comes without a little sweat and determination. So if you wanted to become that star player on the basketball team you would no doubt need some workouts to jump higher. Workouts that will allow your body to work all the muscles necessary to help you in achieving the ultimate goal, a high jump that will leave you a very valuable player.

Of course to be able to jump high would not only be neat to say that you can but also to help block shots from the opposite team, to be able to get hold of that rebound or make that all impressive slam dunk. There are many ways that you can achieve good muscles with the one I would start with being jogging. Jogging is a great to work all the muscles in your body. Not only will it work to build leg muscles but it will do something equally as important by building your lung capacity. Lung capacity is key because it doesn’t matter how great the player if he can’t breathe long enough to finish a game. Jogging will also work to help your stamina so that you can stay in the game for a long time. Playing the game of basketball requires a lot of physical strength and your body needs to be able to play for as long as you want to.

Of course there are different workouts to jump higher, it’s just that you need to find out which ones will work for you. If you are someone that doesn’t live near a gym then you might consider workouts that can be done in the comforts of your own home without the use of workout equipment. Squats are something that can be done in your home or at the gym. Adding weights at the gym will help you to accomplish your goal a little quicker but you can get the same results by doing squats at home with some made up weights. You can hold your hands straight out in front of you with a few books in them and that will not only work your legs but also you arm muscles as well. A medicine ball is something that many will use for that purpose but if you don’t have one then you need to use your imagination a little and add some weights of your own.

Something else that will help you to build up your leg muscles would be to do some workouts that will help you in your vertical jump as well. You can do this by finding a sturdy step or bench making sure that it is high enough so that you have a good amount of bend in your leg. Once you have placed your foot on the step or bench, quickly push yourself up and back so that you are pushed up into the air. I am sure that you have seen people doing this before and now you know why they were doing it. It works on building up the leg muscles needed to help you jump higher. You might think this a silly exercise but if you can do this one hundred times daily, you will see a dramatic difference in your vertical jump.

The workouts to jump higher are ones that take nothing more than a willing person to do them. You have no gym excuses now so get to it.

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