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Day 12: Practice for success

By on September 12, 2010 in Resources

This article is part of the series “30 days to being a better basketball player“.

Following on from yesterday’s “Practice matters”, today we will look at how to structure the practice session a bit better.

"Blueprint" by Will Scullin, via flickr

Practice should always include a proper warm-up, time spent on fundamentals, and game preparation time. Click here for some example plans from that might be useful.

Here are some specifics that you can apply in setting up your basketball practice schedule:

  • alternate – focus on offense at one practice, then defense the next
  • alternate hard and easy practice days
  • alternate basketball drills during each practice session, between tough and easy drills
  • know what you want to emphasize in each practice session

"Playing Basketball" by Markus Rodder, via flickr

Here’s an excellent article by Brad Winters discussing how to create a good basketball practice schedule where he touches on the points above and other important ones, a worthwhile read for every coach (and player too).

Once you know what you want to accomplish from each practice session, you’re now ready to decide which drills to include.

If you’re looking for some suitable drills to use, have a look at these:

So to summarize, know what you want to accomplish, plan your practice sessions accordingly, and then use suitable drills in those practice sessions.

Now get out there and practice! 🙂

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