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LOP men’s Division 2 MOMENTUM VS. MGI

By on July 23, 2008 in League

The LOP second leg is well underway and Wits is the place to be every Sunday afternoon. On the 20th of July MGI and Momentum came head to head on what was a David and Goliath battle. The game was hot from the jump ball and Momentum was dominating the floor on offence with Cabby killing MGI with his pull-up jumpers and William Price slicing through MGI’s defense like a hot knife through butter. MGI’s 1-2-2 defense could not stop Momentum’s good look in the first half of the game.

Having had a good first half, Momentum didn’t look too good coming off the bench loosing Price to foul trouble and having to sit out for most of the 3rd quarter. MGI used that to their advantage and used the combination of the experience of Katlego “Glue” and the young blood of Mbulelwa to put up the numbers and make the game a 1 point game. MGI’s defense was looking up and the 3rd quarter ended at 54-55 for MGI.

The heat was still on in the 4th quarter and both teams were fighting for victory, Price and Cabby were back on court for Momentum; putting up the numbers. The score was 71-71 with two minutes on the watch and the battle was still on. MGI started losing their head, making unnecessary fouls sending Momentum to the line. The score was 79-80 with eleven seconds on the watch. Cabby draws the foul and goes to the line and it was up to him to win the game for Momentum, “I was made for this!” said Cabby on the way to shoot his free throws; yet again mental toughness came into play; even he was shocked to see that he actually ended up missing his free throws. MGI ended up wining the game and beating Momentum for the second time this season.

The game was a good watch and had the fans roaring from all ends of the Wits hall. Outstanding performance from both teams!

Article by Nthabiseng Mushi

Rest of the LOP results:

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  1. Faceless says:

    I don’t believe this!!!! Are we following the league or just interested in certain individuals here? Out of all the games that played on Sunday, i mean Division 1 hot hot games you chose to write an article about this one? Honestly having being at Wits the whole Sunday i would have chosen the D1 game where Egoli Magic lost to an unknown team of young stars, now that to me was an exciting game not only because Egoli Magic lost but because they lost a game within the last minute. I know i might get critisised for such a comment but i think this article is just biased, period. Let’s get our priorities straight as the people’ website, wether we serve the people or individuals. Peace….

  2. Nkululeko Thage says:

    I’m a bit dissapointed that there is no mention of the LOP game between Ball addicts and Tlou MGI, this is MGI’s first loss of the league and it came at the hands of new comers. I think its worth a mention

  3. Neo says:

    Ayeye Victor…..

  4. Joe says:

    Is it because Cabby was in the Momentum team?

  5. victor says:

    Well the scores are up there for everyone to see… Nthabiseng picked the game she was going to watch, nothing to do with the individuals or team or favouritism.

    Like I said before, everyone should email us ( a report on their game if they want it published but you have to understand that Nthabiseng has only 2 eyes and she can’t cover every game. Maybe and I don’t know that as a matter of fact, Momentum vs MGI was the game playing when she got there.

    On the Egoli game against Phutos Phly, we have done a lot of games from the D1 league, so D2 games are a good change and next time it will be a ladies game but Nthabiseng decides what she will write about and sends it through.

    I hope this explains it and sorry for not covering your particular team.


  6. Nthabiseng says:

    Face… Like vic said i was there to cover the D2 games and that was it. We cant adhear to what everyone wants. Well done to putos phly. Wits alumni was playing scorpions the same time as the momentum and mgi game. That was also a good game but my eyes were for D2 last sunday. Joe it just happened that Cabby was playing for momentum.

  7. Joe says:

    Thanks for the explanation, very nice to see that other divisions are getting coverage.

  8. Katlego says:

    ohhhh…it seems everyone wants the spotlight!…does it really take away from your victory that nothing was mentioned about your game…? come on peeps, let’s just be glad there’s at least someone covering games at their time and expense…Let’s be constructively critical…well done Vic, Nthabiseng and all your support staff…

  9. Joe says:

    Hawu Katlego

    When the peeps in GBA or BSA do something, we are quick to point out what they are not doing right I do not see why we cannot do the same with others.

    Nkululeko has the right to voice his disappointment without fearing being labelled counter revolutionary as your comments sugguest.

  10. The truth says:

    As much as you guys don’t anything from us for doing this but the fact will remain that you are doing this for us and not to give free publicity to certain individuals or teams for that matter.

    When Pretoria Heat won a game against Wits Alumni, Monday morning the article was already posted and the article again concentrates on one person as if he was the only person on the court against the Alumni guys. Neo came from a 19 hour drive, Neo unstoppable, Noe this and Neo that (Not taking anything away from Neo, he had a good game for Heat as ussual) but as a fan i feel justice was not done and credit was not given to the whole team for that win. It feels like only one person was playing. Same with the chosen game for this week’s article…’s Cabby this and Cabby that and he was not the only guy getting the points for momentum and the fact they lost means the talk should have been about MGI more than Cabby’s momentum.

    We really appreciate what you’re trying to do here but please try harder not to represent individuals but the game of basketball. Hey and please get a better Camera cause your pictures are! Just joking girl! but the pictures are bad, seriously though!

    We are all entitled to our opinions and dissatisfactions and that shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack to anyone but opinions or dissatisfactions. Nothing more than just that.

    Victor bra,
    Keep doing what you doing we really appreciate it and we’ll keep supporting you and critising you as well and that will grow you.

  11. victor says:

    Hey Truth,

    Thanks for the comment and like I said in some of my comments before, criticism goes with praise and we welcome both on mybasketball.

    Before I reply to your comment, think of Lakers and tell me who you associate them with currently (Kobe Bryant right?), think of Manchester United (Cristiano Ronaldo?), think of Golf (Tiger Woods?), etc…. The question is why? It’s not because these teams/sports don’t have other talented superstars participating but these are the ones that make a difference to their teams/sports and stand head and shoulders above their teammates on the field of play in terms of contribution and performance.

    Coming back to SA, every team in the LOP has some outstanding players but if you had to write about every single one of them you would need a book not an article to make sure everyone is satisfied. If for example 1.Darren dunks on Victor, and 2.Victor goes and does a layup during a game, what do you as a reader want to read 1 or 2? On Monday this week I got an email from Naftal Chongo with the subject: “Neo, 36 points and he only played 2 quarters!?!?” and you guessed it he was talking about Neo, the 19 hour trip article was done by Tshepo Ditshego; so people are just calling it like they are seeing it and Nthabiseng is doing the same. Please note that mybasketball didn’t make mention of that feat by Neo until now but the team they played against knows who did most of the damage…

    Same thing with the MGI-Momentum game, I actually spoke to Katlego and he said that there was 0.4 seconds left in the game and Cabby had a chance to win it with 2 free-throws (FACT) and I believe people want to know about the players that could make or could have made a difference during the course of a game. And Nthabiseng did write about the MGI team when they were making their run.

    I personally don’t think it’s a biased point of view towards any team or individual but your point of view is noted and we will look into different ways to accommodate it (better pictures and all). And please feel free to send us your articles and pictures and I will gladly put them up even if it’s not about your own team.

    Thanks again…

    Ciao, V.

  12. victor says:

    Sorry for the long reply but I hope I have covered most of your issues…

    ciao, V

  13. Nthabiseng says:

    Truth thanks for your advice i will make sure i take better pictures. I support what victor is saying about the whole Kobie thing. If i watch your game and people on the stands rant and rave about you and i see what they are talking about, i will write about you.

  14. Springs says:

    Nothing should take away from that brilliant day at wits. Every game was entertaining, fun to watch and filled with some great performances. That’s what should be acknowledged, that’s what should be highlighted and spoken about because that’s the image we want to send out there. It’s good to mentions that Cabby missed out on a chance to win the game with 2 freethrowns and virtually no time left on the clock, it’s good to point out that tlou MGI allowed a team of “newcomers” come and beat them, it’s good to mention that Pretoria heat and Wit’s alumni ran up cricket scores on their opponents, it’s good to mention that the “mighty” Egoli magic suffered their 2nd straight loss in the LOP, and this time at the hands of a team of young and motivated players! all of that simply shows that basketball is alive and doing well and we should all support that and encourage the enterprise of nthabiseng, tshepo, victor and all the others who gives us post-game reports. As a matter of fact, i think anybody who goes to an LOP game should, if he wants to, report on it.
    Well done to all the winners and top performers on that day. Let’s all go to wits next week-end for match day 3 of the second leg.

  15. Lady says:

    Well said springs. Victor said from the begining that anyone can send a report and he will put it up. So faceless, truth halla at victor.

  16. Baller says:

    hi guys..

    do we really have to argue about which game is reported or not..who is in the limelight or me that is not important but rather we should report on different teams every week..meaning we shouldn’t be focusing for example on Egoli every week..

    on the other hand when Egoli plays Wits Alumni/Pta Heat we all know its more of a derby then it obviously takes the limelight..

  17. Joe says:

    I do not understand why we being so defensive about Katlego’s concern cause it seems as if people are saying Katlego should not raise his opinion.

    Again, if this website was a GBA/BSA website I am sure that we would be supporting Katlego. Let’s stop being so sensetive and allow other people to express themselves without fear of being shut down.

  18. Mlamuli says:

    It was actually MGI Alumni vs Momentum.
    Tlou MGI played earlier, as has been already pointed out.

    Thanks Vic and Nthabiseng for your work! Things can only get better from here!