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SA 2nd team camp disarray

By on March 4, 2009 in News

Once again the powers that be are not sharing with the basketball community. The ladies camp was scheduled to take place in Potchefstroom but at the very last minute the ladies found themselves at Mandeville for their 2nd and last camp before they head to Zimbabwe for their qualifiers. Most of the players were still under the impression that the camp would be held in Potchefstroom until they were contacted a day or even on the day they were scheduled to meet. The ladies camp is progressing smoothly and the ladies are working hard to make sure that they qualify for the main event in Lybia.

As far as the men’s 2nd camp goes, it was supposed to start today Wednesday 4 March 2009, but the correspondence the players and coaches got was that it was cancelled indefinitely. What does that mean? It makes me wonder, does it mean that all the good work of the 1st camp will go to waste and the team will head into the qualifiers in Mozambique with only one camp behind them? I know for sure that other African teams are busy preparing hard for these particular qualifiers. I have also heard that some of the players from the 1st camp are pulling out due to work commitment and I won’t be surprised if there are more withdrawals after this late cancellation of the camp by BSA. Let’s hope that this setback doesn’t demoralize the players and coaching staff and that BSA gives us a relevant explanation in due time.

Mybasketball was informed in due time regarding the 1st camp held at the High Performance Center (HPC) in Pretoria in February but there was no media advisory sent out for the 2nd ladies camp that is currently taking place at Mandeville or about the cancellation of the men’s camp. BSA have blundered by not giving anyone a valid reason for the cancellation of the men’s camp and by not informing the players, coaches and other interested parties in due time.

Article by Victor Shakineza

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  1. sipho says:

    Its so refreshing to hear everybody so positive amidst all this uncertainty! 2 me it’s clear that the bigger picture is not obscured to any1!

    Lets go SA, lets go!!!

    ….1 2 3 S. A!!!!!

  2. Greyhound is good but having our own transport whislt there will be much better so that we get around. THere is a place called Coconuts….you will go nuts there lol.

    I maintain, Grace Bible Church Sports Arena will be the new home of basketball. Watch the space, finally, the national team will not have to worry about practice venues.

  3. Neo says:

    Coconuts, the place to be. DIddy you feel me. 23:00 game ends, 24:00 coconuts, 07:20 bus stop.

  4. kim says:

    Atleast I will get to see Grace Sports Arena soon even though I might not be with CUT anymore.A week is very long in sports…

    Coconuts is the place to be and cooldrinks are on u Neo(lol).You know us and freebies my brother.People we want to come just because there are not going to pay

  5. kim says:

    Limpopo is having their qualifiers this weekend,may the best team win

  6. uwem cyril says:

    i will y’all assistance,i will like you to link or give some basket ball club or team in pretoria i am currently staying in arcadia, pretoria and a male