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Egoli Magic Sends College Boys Packing

By on June 4, 2008 in News

Mandeville hosted yet another fantastic day of basketball when Egoli Magic played a friendly game against Southern Methodist University, a collage team from the States. The team was invited by Dragons Basketball Club to help run the Basketball Clinic for juniors as well as under 19s at Saint Benedicts’ High School in the East of Johannesburg; on Saturday the 31st of May. Dragons decided to give the boys an opportunity to play some of Mzanzi’s finest basketball players at Mandeville on Sunday.

Egoli featured players like: Neo Mothiba, Joe Loo, Tsakane Ngobeni and Mr. December himself, Sfiso Ncqobo (captain of the team). Egoli played good basketball and showed fine sportsmanship to the young boys; bearing small gifts for SMU (Southern Methodist University) to take home.

SMU’s number 30, Ryan Harp, was a strong player offensively and number 10, Alex Malone, was one of the strongest defensive players in the game but didn’t show any pazaz on the offensive side of the court. Alex managed to give Lesego a good run for his money; but that didn’t stop Egoli from capitalizing and Neo from having a brilliant game and dominating the court. Not writing off the SMU’s players; forgetting the likes of Papa Dia and Bamba Fall (captain of SMU) both from Senegal; who showed the crowed what a left handed jump shot looks like; were the crowds favorites from the university.

“It was a good game and we just lost it somewhere…” said Bamba, who had a very constant game and tried to take the lead for his team’s sake but fell short, as the game ended off with Egoli winning 82-75…
The American team gave the ex PBL players a good run as they didn’t give up even when Egoli was leading by 20 points in the third quarter; they pushed right to the end… A very enjoyable game, a Sunday afternoon truly well spent.

By: Nthabiseng Mushi

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  1. Michael Finley says:

    There was a 2nd game played at Mandeville between these 2 teams on Wednesday 4 June. The result was SMU beating the Egoli team by 30 points
    * The SMU team practiced at the American International School on Tuesday
    * The head coach of the SMU team (Matt Doherty) played on the same team with Michael Jordan in college (University of North Carolina–Tar Heels) and he coached the Tar Heels for 3 years
    * They have 3 Senegalese players that they recruited from the first NBA Basketball Without Borders Camp that was held here in Johannesburg in 2003

    Please follow up as this was a great programme for South African Basketball

  2. Neo says:

    The loss yesterday is just another one of those age old stories that players have to go work, but anyway. The game on Sunday was very interesting and enjoyable. It made me realize one thing, no matter how bad the administration is SA got ballers and the evidence was there. Even though the players who were there were not all from the Magic but it felt like we have been playing together for eternity. Myself, Joseph, Diddy, Les, Sfiso and TK have come through the BS and actually at a point where we can say we have seen this basketball improve, playwise.

    We were playing very young boys but the fact that we performed and we enjoyed the game was awesome. I knew the coach of Egoli had passion but it was very gratifying when I saw him cry tears of joy after the match.


  3. victor says:

    Hey N, Let’s keep the love for the Game and the new generation will help us achieve those goals but WE have to set the right foundations… Everyone has a contribution to make.

    And Michael Finley, Cabby and co., I think basketball in SA needs to be exposed a lot more to this kind of international competition so well done on bringing MSU out here and we look forward to more teams coming out and sampling the spirit of “UBUNTU”.


  4. Baller says:

    hopefully more teams will be invited to give our players competition and not wait for some qualifiers to get tough competition. pls, next time when teams are here may those with connections inform ballers in time. we sure would love to support our players.

    Neo, you made a very valid point. lets keep on playing till eternity.