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SA team 2009 qualifiers update from Moz…

By on March 31, 2009 in News

Here is a quick update regarding the SA national team qualifiers for the African Championship to be held in Lybia. They played on Monday 30 March 2009 against Zimbabwe in their first game and they won. Final score SA 68 – 58 Zimbabwe… Their next game is on wednesday…

More to scores follow….

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  1. neo says:


    Well I guesse they have to keep the copies flying off the shelve. I would love to have that writer’s understanding and logic. But yeah man, we lost to Moz in Moz. There were other factoras surrounding the game but I believe that if you kill the game early the other factors will be non-factors.

    The best way to move forward is to start now investing in the future. Bring in new blood when the pressure of qualifying and playing in Afro basket is not there. Lets hope we can overcome what just happened and focus on SA basketball.

  2. Joe says:

    It is my opinion that we need a proper development and high perfomance strategy for bball. We cannot plan for the qualifiers in six months, we need to conduct a proper ananlysis of where we need to improve and and how?

    As I have always argued only an intergrated development strategy will work, not the hit and miss approach we have been pratising. In short, from school level to national team level, we need to ensure that basketball is competetive. We cannot afford to have a situtation where we all know that come nationals GP or KZN is going to win.