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Florida State University tour ’09

By on July 26, 2009 in News

Information supplied by Cabby Magongwa

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  1. kim says:

    I promised myself that I will NO longer get myself too excited again till I get the low down on these events so I will ask the question,WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?

    I can see the games between Sa vs Florida State.I take this is Woman tour?!?!I take the team is the USSA national Team?!?!?!Can we just have a briefing.Either way it seems like a good start to the BASKETBALL week……I HOPE!!

    Lets go Proteas(seeing we dont have a nickname) on your camp today.May ALL go well.

  2. Rasta says:

    Jst a point of correction on the poster (flier). Egoli Magic vs Wits Alumni was not a GBL mens finalist game. They where LOP finalist. VUT Vs UJ where the 2008 GBL men’s finalist

    Thank u

  3. Rasta says:

    I think these is a gud opportunity of measuring ourselves agains other basketball styles. But jst wish they could have been playing against different institutions (VUT, TUKS, WITS AN UJ an others) , instead of the SA national team.
    Gud work for the the organisers for coming up with such initiative

  4. kim says:

    Hence I mentioned the USSA national team.If we talk preparation one would like to see USSA being involved including institutions.I believe if we get the institutions to play against these institutions then they will definately improve.

    Is this Female or Male games?

  5. Baller no.1 says:

    First of all, there is no way any of our college teams can compete with FSU. They will get smashed. The National team is also going to get smashed.

    Let be realistic here people. This is a D1 school, they pratise everyday and play once or twice a week and hit the gym 4/5 times a week. They probably have a couple of 6’7″, 6’8″ girls. But good luck to there girls though!

  6. Joe says:

    And people wonder why it is necessary to involve the structures when private basketball events are organised?

    And people wonder what the hell I am talking about when I mention Intergrated Development Model?

    And people wonder when I ask who is GBL?

    Oh, by the way, just went through FSU website, basketball is not listed as an Active Club?

  7. Joe says:


    The team coming is the Women, for more info. vist

  8. kim says:

    You see,I didnt want to fall into the same mistake that you did.The reason why it is not listed as a active club might be because that page that lists the clubs is a RECREATIONAL campus clubs.This then will remind me when I was part of a sports committe which initiated res games in my institution.We had soccer and netball because they were the most played codes and all res would be able to participate.This I think is the same initiative.I know Rhodes,NMMU etc also have them.It is not their official sports club that would participate in the NCAA.

    Thats why I was asking all these questions so as to understand how we as a nation enter into the picture.Did GBL initiate this or was it somebody who is connected preparing for the BWB hype….INFORMATION PLEASE!!

    As for the issues u raise Joe…….lets get the lowdown on this whole trip before we wrongly assume things.VIC….ARE U THERE????

  9. Victor says:

    Hey Kim and Joe…

    I am here but I think that the person that will be able to give answers to most of your questions would be Cabby since it’s his information… I will try and get him to reply to your comments and I will come back to you.


  10. baller says:


    i went to the website that Joe provided and found out that the trip is funded by Nike as part of their initiative that they do once every four years. what they do is to pick a college for that year for them to go overseas to play games.

    what i also discovered is that the ladies team made the NCAA Tournament which then means it is a good team. that is the information i could get from their website.

  11. Joe says:


    My point exactly, the reason I raised this was to spark interest on the fact the Athletic division of FSU is run separately from the insitution. If you visit the sites you will realise that the Active Club is in the FSU official website while the Athletic Division has its own website with its own name. I recommend that we study the structure of the Athletic division for future reference as we always want to compare our USSA and the NCAA.

  12. Emmerentia Ledwaba says:

    To baller,

    whoever the hell you are, I’d appreciate it that if you have nothing good to say about the women’s national team, you just don’t say crap about us. We may not be that great according to you but you don’t need to be putting us down before we could even put on our green and gold to battle it out on the court. Saying we gonna get smashed before we even step on the court???????? That’s rubbish and very disrespectful. If there’s one thing you should have learned from last weekend’s GBL games is that anything is possible.
    If you have no faith in us, it’s fine but don’t diss us. There’s a thin line between being honest and being plain and straight up rude and disrespectful, you have crossed that line. Don’t be disrespectful to the women’s national team!!!!!!!!!!

    I never make comments on my basketball but you really rubbed me up the wrong way and I had to let you know how your lack of patriotism and faith in the women’s national team sits with me.

    Emma Ledwaba – senior national team player

  13. Victor says:

    Hey Emma,

    Thanks for the comment and I am glad to see that the passion still burns in you :). And about the GBL games, apparently you were running the point and causing havoc in the post so I guess you still got game… ala Shaq :)).

    And I still have faith in our national team both men and ladies. I actually think that the Ladies have maintained the best preparations throughout the year so I wish they were the ones going to the African Nations Cup right now because they are better prepared at this point and I think that the Florida State University game will tell them how far they have come…

    Let’s rally behind our teams and national players and wish them well..


  14. baller says:


    hey hey hey, i nearly got worked up by your comments about Baller. was suprised why am i not patriotic as i have been supporting the national womens team. for the record, there is someone called Baller No.1 and its not me. i think i finally deserve an apology from a lady.

    Baller No.1

    maybe i should go to DTI and register Baller as my trademark as now you causing problems for me. well, i guess you are my fan. for the record, our current womens national team ranks among the best. you should just look at that team and the hunger they have to realise that. i believe that the team has what it takes to compete thanks to the players and the technical team.

    a challenge to you, i will be at Tuks and Wits to support them and i sure hope you are there.

  15. Joe says:

    Ayeye Baller No. 1! Wathint abafazi …

  16. Kim says:

    Well I think I support Emma on this one but it should be based on facts.Lets say for arguement sake the national team does get smashed…..lets look at the bigger picture and not limit ourselves to narrow thinking.The reason I have been having ALL these questions of this tour is to ensure we have maximum output from the Florida State trip.Its undoubtable that SA women basketball will gain a lot from this trip.Coachs and the players of the senior team will be able to learn alot from teams such as Florida.If we limit our basketball IQ to be limited by fear of being smashed is just crazy.

    I think this trip would have benefited SA bball more had we had the institutions or/and clubs playing this team as well.Maybe according to some they would get smashed but the process of learning the fundamentals of cutting to the basket,fakes,press etc will be enhanced.I am not sure which teams are we then supposed to play for us to improve as a nation.Maybe the skeptics can assist on this one.


    VIVA SA MEN VIVA……Lets do our best in LIBYA