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2010 NBA MidSeason/AllStar Dish

By on February 14, 2010 in FanZone

SHOOT AROUND:  It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to jot about the game that I love to live for.  Many things have happened and since then, I’ve continued to keep my eyes on the game and meeting like minded guys who also love to engage about the game.  In this, I would like to send a shout out to the crazy bunch in the AWBOWhut group, unfortunately membership is purely by invite and the mogul is fortunate enough to catch a lot of insight from some of the vets in there.

TIP OFF: The first half of the NBA season has been nothing short of a soapie; with Iverson headlining it by taking a leave of absence and then retiring and then returning to Philly.  Gilbert Arenas and his gun issues has been somewhat disappointing for some of us who were looking forward to seeing him play after a long lay off due to injury.  But the drama off court is nothing compared to some of the heroics displayed by some veterans and young superstars on the hardwood.  Guys such as Zach Randolph, David Lee, Monta Ellis, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Aaron Brooks and a few others have done a great job in keeping their teams in a great light.  Certain names still remain prime while others are moving into the right direction, we cannot deny the growth of Kevin Durant.  I remember watching him play at Texas and 2 games that come to mind are when he played against Texas A&M and another against Oklahoma State; it was clear from then that this is a future scoring champion in the league.  He didn’t get the NCAA championship, but the player of the year accolade was much deserved.

I’m certain that it didn’t come as no surprise when DWade was handpicked by Mike to be part of the Jordan family; I’m looking forward to see him launch the Jordan 25 during All Star weekend. He’s had his ups and downs this season, but I still maintain that this season is his best chance to get the MVP award.  Somebody else that I’m forecasting for the MVP award is Carmelo. He is currently the league’s scoring leader and even though his season has been plagued by injury, I think his return is gong to motivate his team further as they just beat my Lakers behind an inspired game by Chauncey Billups. Joe Johnson and the Hawks have had a great season, carrying some good momentum from last year’s playoff run.  Ask the Celtics, things ain’t easy in Atlanta no more, the pack 1 of the leagues more entertaining attacks and it’s great to see Jamal Crawford embracing his role and looking like the 6th man of the year.  I was disappointed to see Hedo leave Orlando, but I think that the Magic are still looking good enough to have a good run well into the playoffs.

A lot of people had anticipated a great final last year between the Lakers and the Cavaliers; some Magic happened and the Cavs vanished somewhere on the way.  While some people are still talking about why Lebron turned his back and didn’t shake anybody’s hand, young man is back and looking much more lethal.  Apart from their signings in the off-season, you cannot deny that nobody can match up to his size, play and athleticism on court.  The Cavs currently own the best record and a winning streak of 13 games going into the break.  Meanwhile, my boy Kobe is currently nursing a broken finger and a sprained ankle; to a lot of people surprise, the Lakers just pulled 2 great wins behind the inspired play of Pau Gasol and Lamar kardashian.  I’m very sad to see Kobe missing the All Star game, but I think that this is a well deserved break for him.  I know that his and Bynum’s return is going to charge the team to a repeat.

MAIN COURSE:  It’s All Star Weekend.  I got my pvr almost ready; I have to delete a couple of old games to make way for the festivities.  Its already confirmed that Allen Iverson (not like I’m surprised) and Kobe Bryant won’t be playing, so we know that the East is going to Win.  The main part that we have to guess is who will take the MVP honors; will it be LeBron, to increase his tally, or DWade in honor of the Jordan XXV, or might anybody else just come in and sneak past them?  Kevin Durant set a points record in last year’s rookie challenge.  Can Brandon Jennings come in and kill the assists record?  Will Tyreke Evans steal the show like he did back in High School’s McDonalds All American? I hope that Derrick Rose heals and is able to play, it would be interesting to see him go against Tyreke for bragging rights as the better Memphis Tigers Alum.  I’m looking forward to see Shannon Brown in the dunk contest, if you’ve seen him play in college; you know that he packs some crazy hops. I know Gerald Wallace can up, lets see what he’s got for the contest. I feel sorry for the guys whose wives and girlfriends have already been complaining about? this basketball of yours?, if you gonna book a romantic get away for 2, please make sure that the resort has ESPN.  Either that or have my number with you for updates.

DESSERT: I think that the secret to the Nets turnaround is if they quickly bid for Maya Moore of the lady Huskies.  She’s already led the UConn ladies to a win streak of 63 games.  Perhaps she can turn their Ls to Ws, or maybe increase the attendance.  CONGRATULATIONS to the New Orleans Saints for winning the Superbowl, certain people are still not talking to me because I WAS RIGHT.

You already know who it is.

Get Familiar, It’s your Boi

Juice-The Mogul

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  1. Darren says:

    Sweet post Juice, keep it up! And “Lamar Kardashian” – brilliant 🙂

    I suggest you keep your eye on Dwight Howard for this year’s MVP, I think he’s a sleeper.

  2. Joe says:

    Oh Gosh, some more American praise singing, boooring!

  3. Kim says:

    I think that uncalled for and for what its worth….I kinda enjoyed Juices piece.Maybe you can give us some local brewed content seeing that leagues are climaxing in SA compared to the NCAA and NBA seasons currently.Come on Joe,try being nice for once ;-)..hahaha.Please can you just inform about the 2 meetings that took place recently.The BasketballSA AGM and GBA meeting held,I am sure that would put a smile on your face.

    American Praise Singing?I think we take this colonisation mindset tooooo seriously….even where it doesnt fit.

  4. Joe says:


    Eish, I’m afriad I do not have Juice’s skills to write so eloquently thus my frustration that his talent is waisted on foriegn content and elite events when this website is crying for local grassroot content.

    Contrary to your assertion that my opinion does not fit, it perfectly exposes my crusade to focus bball community on PRIORITIES, and I want Juice obvious gift to be channeled. Vic cannot do this alone, he needs help from Juice et al.


    You know as well as I do that you OWE me one. Until you setlle you debt I will forever be in your case. Lol.

  5. Kim says:

    hahahaha….I will leave it up to you guys to sort.

  6. Juice says:

    Stay Close Joe, I got something for you.

  7. Joe says:

    Yes, Yes, mfetho I look forward to it

  8. Joe says:

    Yes, Yes, mfetho I look forward to it