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MVBC Summer 2011 League

By on January 31, 2011 in League

To say it’s hot in the Western Cape would be an understatement. With temperatures going up to 40 degrees in some areas, the region has experienced extreme temperatures and forced people to rush to the beaches in droves. While the majority were catching the waves, basketball players were making waves of their own in the Summer League hosted by Montana Vikings Basketball Club by trying to get in shape for the upcoming season.

With the League going into its third week, there is a mixture of fun and intensity with some games being close affairs and others blow outs but with the aim of the league to develop officials and aspiring players… So far the Montana Vikings Men 2 team is setting the pace with an unbeaten run…

Speaking to one of the organisers, Tim Molteno, here are his thoughts on the League:

How it was conceptualised

To be honest, the summer league was pretty much Kirk Daniel’s (another menber of the MVBC) brainchild. It is something that we have had the itch to run for a while and it has been a sort of pipedream. The format of the summer league is definitely Kirks dream and speaks to his soccer sensibilities. (We have gone with a league and a separate cup competition instead of a league with playoffs attached at the end. This format is very different to anything we are used to but does fit the spirit of the summer league)

Why it came about

There were some factors which led to us taking the step this year and arranging the league.

  • We identified that there was a gap for basketball in the summer and years ago there used to be a central league run in the summer which was a success
  • We also wanted to keep our players interested and running with some constructive yet fun basketball
  • We identified that it could be linked to the development of our juniors as well as other fringe clubs who have not competed in the formal winter league of late.
  • Finally we wanted to have a league free to politics and issues. A league organised in the spirit of basketball. (as we see it) Perhaps to prove a point that with a little bit of effort and co operation that such a league can be successful and fun at the same time.

We did consider running a preseason tournament but thanks to the factors mentioned above it actually pushed us to organise the league instead.

We still have some way to go, and there are definitely some tweaks that we can make to improve it. But we are enjoying it along with the players and officials and there is some development of youngsters which is taking place. I believe that this will therefore grow from strength to strength.

And with that in mind come down to the Belhar indoor center for some basketball action or to join the fun.

Here are the fixtures:

MVBC Summer League Fixtures 2011 (pdf document)

Article by Victor Shakineza

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