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Yes She Can! Ladies first at Basketball SA

By on November 8, 2013 in News

The rebirth of a professional league in South Africa has inspired a spirit of fresh blood and energy for the beautiful game. Each week the rivalries get better and the half-time entertainment more exciting, and we love it.  So remember that you heard it first and fresh off the press on – On the 16 November 2013, another historic day for local basketball will unfold at the Basketball SA Annual General Meeting (AGM), when the National Executive Council elections will be held.  These elections will be groundbreaking because the national federation has specifically communicated that it wants to achieve “fair and equitable representation of women and persons with disabilities in all their structures”.  This is a resounding vote of confidence in the immense contribution and role that women have played in maintaining participation and interest in the sport.  It also appears to signal that the possibility of a women’s pro league may not be far off.  But does this mean we’ll see the first elected female President of Basketball SA in 2013?

Join us on our Facebook fanpage this week as we create a Snap Poll to find out who you’d like to see in the top jobs.

The AGM will be hosted at Olympic House (SASCOC) in Johannesburg, and 21 days before the AGM, all registered members of the basketball community were invited to get involved.

Here’s how:

  1. By making sure that they were affiliated and in good financial standing with their local provincial affiliate, or relevant associations, including the following groups:
  • All 9 Provincial Affiliates
  • Basketball National League (BNL)
  • University Students Sports Association (USSA)
  • South African Schools Basketball Association
  • South African National Defence Force (SANDF)
  • South African Masters Association

And being “in good financial standing” means that no outstanding membership fees were owed!

  1. By helping their provincial associations or affiliate to identify appropriate nominees for the following positions:
  • President
  • Deputy President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer-General
  • Three Additional Executive Council Members elected from the Provincial Affiliates.
  • One Additional Executive Council Member elected from the Associate Members.
  • One Additional Executive Council Member elected from the Special Member.
  • Two Independent Executive Council Members elected on the strength of their exceptional business, basketball or professional acumen and experience and who are not office bearers or employees of Basketball SA or of a Member

Each nomination should have been submitted to the Interim Committee for Basketball SA in secret, and at the start of this week a complete list of the nominees would have been circulated.

All Executive Council Members will serve 4 years on the Board and are eligible for re-election at the next AGM. The Basketball SA constitution is available online for those who’d like a more in depth view of the election guidelines and voting rights.

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  1. Albert Lottering says:

    Basketball has been up a gumpole for the last few years now in the Northern Cape and the spirit of these players has died but still playing ball.With the professional being taken away from us under our noses it certainly has left these players with no hope and development has no future in this province now that we don’t have a professional team to look up to.If possible could BSA PLEASE come down to the province and help out.We have tried to seek help from the sports federation but they have left us in the situation we are in now by signing off the franchise to Gauteng.We also send a letter to the sports ministry in Kimberly but to no avail…Please help the Northern Cape get back it’s Passion for basketball.Looking forward to your response.

    Yours in sport

    Albert Lottering

    • I would be a big blow if the franchise is taken to Gauteng.It will minimise the growth of basketball in the Northern Cape.We don’t want to see franchise being owner by people who reside in Gauteng only.Prefers of buying the franchise should be given to the community of Northern Cape.

  2. The TipOff says:

    Dear Albert,

    Thank you for your comments. I’m a little confused though, do the Kimberly Diamonds not represent Northern Cape? What do you mean that the sports federation has “signed the franchise off to Gauteng”. I think it’s great to hear from members of the community so that we can get a wider view of what is happening on the ground. Are you a member of a team or club? and what has your provincial affiliate done to address your issues? Perhaps you can send us the letter that you sent to the sports ministry so that we can publish it. I would advise taking this up with Basketball South Africa if you feel that you are not being heard at home. Their contact details are on their website

    • I would like to find out if the basketball franchise are already be sold or they have being rented out.If not,where do you get information if you want to buy the franchise.Does the BNL have website?