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SASCOC convenes special meeting to discuss Basketball South Africa

By on April 28, 2008 in News

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) convened a special meeting with all Basketball South Africa members and affiliates on Saturday, 26th April 2008 at Olympic House.The purpose of the meeting was to look at the current impasse in the functioning of Basketball South Africa and explore practical solutions to aid in the administration of the federation.

All provinces and affiliate members were present. Issues were deliberated in a frank and open manner with the president of SASCOC, Mr. Moss Mashishi, chairing the meeting.

Having looked into the state of affairs of Basketball, all members present regretted the sad state that the sport found itself in. It was acknowledged by all present that Basketball has not had a well functioning administration for the past two years.

Against this background, all stakeholders present agreed to restore the proper administration of Basketball under the guidance and oversight of SASCOC.

To this end the meeting dissolved the current BSA Executive and constituted an Interim Committee composed of all chairpersons of provinces, affiliates and a management committee as follows:

1. Malesela Maleka
2. Gezephi Mbatha
3. Cabby Cabanelas
4. Dr Malumbethe Ralethe
5. Dali Dzingwa
6. Dumisani Tuka
7. Representatives of SASCOC.

The following are the terms of reference of the Interim Committee

1. Assess the financial state of BSA and conclude a financial audit for the year 2006/7 and 2007/8.
2. Take measures to restore the functionality of the federation including a review of provinces and affiliates status with the federation.
3. Convene a proper AGM for Basketball within the next six months. This will be preceded by an extensive organizational renewal process, which will include a constitutional review, and the development of proper policies and guidelines for the federation.

Delegates expressed their gratitude to SASCOC and SRSA for the manner in which they provided leadership and accorded Basketball an opportunity to restore pride in the sport. We appeal to all stakeholders, including the business community to join in this partnership in our efforts to take Basketball to greater heights.

Issued by SASCOC

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  1. anonymous says:

    It’s about time…. perhaps the new interim committee can lay the groundwork for a new, functioning admin…. not the Bad Sports Administration we experianced before….. i hope Vusi Mgobozi and Co get whats coming to them for depriving the talented players in this country the opoortunity to produce the type of results that they were capable of… may and only maybe things will get better…. the interim committee has a huge task ahead of them….

  2. nihlo says:

    zondi and mgobozi have killed the sport we love;and they deserve at least 40yrs each in prison,and that TSEPO is also wanting 2run basketball lyk his own piggy bank..LOP and any other federation is helping all those talented players doing nothing to actuall do BSA is a corrupt structure,thank you SASCOC for helping us out