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Joseph Mangadi resigns…

By on July 2, 2008 in Other Leagues

Information supplied by Joseph Mangadi

Please note that I have resigned as the GBA development officer to concentrate on developing Ekurhuleni Basketball. I feel that GP basketball is moving in the right direction as I have fought bitterly to ensure that GP basketball community understands the need to work with the structures rather than against, as evidenced by the negotiations by LOP and GBA.

In view of the above, I therefore feel that my energies will be better used in Ekurhuleni. This in line with my contention that more and more skilled administrators are needed at the local level. I am hoping that all of us who claim to love the game and are concerned with its development will realise that the revolution will not be televised as it starts on the ground.


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  1. Setlogelo says:

    It is a positive direction you are taking. Believe you me I have been fighting to get into the Free State Basketball structure but realised I will do much more running the district’s Kovsie Basketball League. We need people who will build the districts because this is where we will get quality players. It is where the support base of basketball will be built.

    Taking about doing all you can for basketball. We will meet soon.

  2. victor says:

    I personally want to thank Joseph for the contribution he has made on this forum as a menber of GBA and I hope he continues to do so in whatever capacity he finds himself in.

    We need the other GBA and basketball administrators to come out and tell us what is going on in the game. Praise and criticism go hand in hand…


  3. Baller says:

    i also wish you the best and hope that all the districts learn from you. please keep us updated on the happenings around Ekurhuleni Basketball. we always willing to come support new talent coming up.

    i hope thou that you not completely lost to GBA Executive and that you opening your door for assisting where you can.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Kweku says:

    All the best in your future endevours Joe.

  5. Joe says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words guys, it is all for the love of the game.

    Aluta continua!