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KZNBA Senior Provincial Trials 2009

By on October 23, 2009 in High School

This letter serves to inform you that the Provincial Trials for the teams to participate in the BSA National Senior Championships from 14 – 18 December 2009 will be as follows.

Women Trials

Date: 31 October 2009

Venue: Victoria Mxenge Sports Centre (Umlazi)

Time: 09H00

Men Trials

Date: 01 November 2009

Venue: Victoria Mxenge Sports Centre (Umlazi)

Time: 09H00

District Associations are advised to use the coming weekend for the training of their teams. Players selected will represent KwaZulu Natal in the BSA National Senior Championships to be held here in Durban (KwaZulu Natal).

***You are kindly advised to take to of the following below as it is important.Age limitation:

There is NO age limit to qualify for selections.

General & Administrative Provisions

  • Only SA citizens are eligible to participate in the trials.
  • For the official registration the District Association shall provide the Provincial Association with the following information:

a) A passport size digital photograph for players and officials for the licences

b) A copy of player’s ID, passport or birth certificate

c) For a nationalized players copy of nationality certificate and A letter explaining how the player was granted the SA nationality

  • Registration form duly completed by the Association responsible
  • Indemnity form duly signed by the player’s parents or guardian
  • The District Association is responsible at all times for the eligibility of its players noted on the list of players. It is also responsible of any infringement of the regulations governing the eligibility, the national status and age of players.
  • The maximum number of persons per official delegation of a provincial competition shall be fifteen (15) persons, as follow: Twelve (12) players, two (02) coaches, one (01) team manager
  • KZNBA urges the participating District to co-operate with the Selectors and KZNBA shall ensure the technical success of the event.
  • Each delegation shall provide KZNBA with the information concerning their arrival time.

Provincial Team Management

1. The Head of Coaches Mr. J Rodrigues, the Coach appointed, Assistant Coach and Manager will be responsible for the selection of the players on the day.

Financial provisions:

1. Player Registration fee R 50.00

2. Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Manager Registration Fee R 50.00 per person.

Meals and Transport:

Districts Associations are responsible for their Meals and Transport.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.

Kind regards,

(Send by Email)

Sanele Mthiyane
Chairperson: KZN Basketball Association

Information provided by Sanele Mthiyane

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There Are 16 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Dark Oracle says:

    When are the trials for the Gauteng Provincial team going to be and if I don’t belong to any team is it possible for me to come for the trials?
    Please give me more information about the trials……………….

  2. ZekeO says:

    Only four players pitched up for trials…..four, on the positive side, at least they will get game time. Sad!

  3. victor says:

    Really sad to hear that the turnout was poor.. I wonder what the team will look like eventually.. it doesn’t inspire confidence if you are the coach.. ciao,V

  4. ZekeO says:

    Apparently, its supposed to be some German guy thats coaching so we’ll see. What an introduction to KZN Basketball.

    Also, organizing trials on a Sunday morning at nine is asking allot. Not excessive, but allot. Some folks have got church to go to…or drinking to do.:)

    We’ve heard nothing since then, and trials were two weeks ago so its definitely not a good sign.

    Is there any confirmation about the under 18 and seniors tournaments? Its like a month away.

  5. Dark Oracle says:

    oknw can someone tell me when the Gauteng trials will be? If anyone knows

  6. Neo says:

    Dark Oracle my best bet is the 12th of December 2009.

  7. Dark Oracle says:

    Thanx Neo is it possible for u to keep me posted on the developments.. My email is

  8. Neo says:

    Will do D.O. The Championships are supposed to start on the 14th and the team should meet for the first time on the 13th ;)))))

  9. kim says:


  10. Joe says:

    Hayi KIm

    What do you mean ‘if’?

  11. kim says:

    Lets wait and see.Maybe there is a perfect reason that information was released on the 12 November 2009 by the KZNBA and not BSA that provinces need to raise R52 000.If provinces with the assistance of BSA raise that money in 2 weeks then I will be the first to give ALL board members and LOC sms on a job work done.Seriously.I PROMISE and I have witnesses on this blog.I know KZNBA is busy engaging eThekweni with regards to some sponsors…..Thats where my ‘if’ is coming from but one needs to believe.If Boston Celtics didnt believe then they wouldnt have won the championship 2 years back although they came back to win the game whilst down 20 something…

    If they didnt believe then PTA heat wouldnt have beat a star studded lineup like Egoli in the GBL final.If they didnt believe then KZN wouldnt have beaten GP in the SASSU finals about years ago…thanks to the late Archie as well……

    So I will believe…..for now and will ensure we READY should the games be played…

  12. kim says:

    GBL semi finals…PtA heat…before I get corrected

  13. Joe says:


    I am also hopeful as there is still time.

    While still on the topic of IPTs, is the U18 confirmed?

  14. kim says:


    Under 13s…cancelled

  15. kim says:

    Postponed INDEFINITELY……thought I should be politically correct in my statements.Lets all work together to make sure SENIORS do happen.

  16. Joe says:

    Personally, rather we have the U18 IPT than seniors