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Pretoria league 2008 predictions for Girls

By on June 5, 2008 in High School

U19 Girls section

PHSG vs. DSG on Friday 6 June at 15h00 at DSG

PHSG come into this game as favorites and will want justify that tag. After the disappointment of last year when they finished 3rd the PHSG team look like they can do the business this year under the leadership of Rosemary Leak and Amo Mpiriane. DSG haven’t beaten PHSG at this age group level in a while and I don’t expect miracles to happen in this game. DSG are making huge strides in Pretoria basketball this year but to win the U19 Girls section they might have to wait until 2009 or 2010.

My prediction: PHSG

Rosina vs. The Glen High School on Friday 6 June at 16h00 at DSG

I still go for The Glen High School to come through this game but they have a tougher assignment than their counterparts PHSG. They face a team that lives off the fast break so they will have to be careful and cut down on the turnovers. Rosina Sedibane has some very good guards that can change the game in a blink of an eye. But knowing TGHS, they will prepare for most eventualities and with them being the defending champions they will want to prove that last year wasn’t a one off.

My prediction: The Glen High School

U16 Girls section

DSG vs. Willowridge

Having seen the Willowridge girls play some rough ball against PHSG, I am going with DSG on this one. They have had some great results this year and with most of their U16 girls going to Argentina next year, they will want to get their preparations off to a good start. DSG remains the only undefeated team in their pool games so they should make easy work of Willowridge.

My prediction: DSG

PHSG vs. The Glen High School

It’s PHSG no questions about it. If they have the full team available this might be an easy game otherwise The Glen will make it difficult for them. PHSG are the defending champions and this group of girls will want to keep the run of championships going. They have some up and coming players that have a lot to prove and if they remain disciplined and humble they will be win this encounter. The glen have always been consistent in making the playoffs but for this age group this might be a hurdle too far.

My prediction: PHSG

U14 Girls section

I haven’t managed to figure this age group out so if you want to put your head on the block by predicting a winner then be my guest. All these teams have lost games they should have won so it will depend on how the players feel on the day.

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There Are 14 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Neo says:


  2. Baller says:

    do you guys have a programme for the finals on saturday..are there also going to be positional play-offs for 3 and 4 on saturday for all age groups.

  3. Neo says:

    Baller, Vic is workin on it. I have the finals program send me your mail address and I will mail it to you.

  4. Katlego Malatji says:

    Vic I really believe Willows U/14 Girls are getting the short end of the stick here, they only lost 1 game the whole season by 1 point in over time with only 2 subs on the bench? Lets be fair and give credit where its due, Willows got this. And Neo tha 6″3 lady might as well play bench cause the Willows posts always make mince of her, I mean she couldnt even penetrate the Glen? The tallest player ko Glen must be half her size. WRHS-LABOR OMNIA VINCIT!

  5. SliTt#9 says:

    willowridge has got it this year, yes the u/16 girls may have been playing sum else agains girls high but after the game 2moro, DSG will think twice bot their “tour” to Argentina next year

  6. Thuli keupilwe says:

    My prediction 4 U14,has 2 willows. I cn bet mney on dis one… Whch ever team is playn against willow,watch out 4 no.9 and granite! those 2 ar gona go far wit bal! U WATCH my brothas and sistas.hahahaha n.eway GUDLUK 2 AL DA TEAMZ! and me knw who taken da trophy bk hme in da U16 pool…

  7. Neo says:

    Just a few more hours, as long as we don push the girls too far to try and live their dreams for them. At this age let them have fun and enjoy the sport. You will be amazed what two weeks can do to a kid who is willing to learn………

  8. Roxy says:

    Katlego,a lose is a lose, no matter what the circumstances. Making excuses for why you lost merely proves how nervous you actually are about the playoffs. I agreee with Vic, it all depends on how the players feel and handle the pressure mentally. They are only kids, who are still learning and at the end of the day just want to have fun, win or lose. Good luck to all the teams!! Katlego, see you on the court. May the BEST team win!!!

  9. katlego malatji says:

    Roxy (Rosie) I’ll be a gentleman and just say “thanks for the game”. Neo our final against ya’ll will be tough but I think DSG might learn not to hype up a single player as much as they have,it could prove costly.

  10. Roxy says:

    Congrats Katlego! It was close all match but your girls put those crucial points on the bored when it mattered the most. Well played to your girls! Hope the final goes well for you.

  11. anonymous#1 says:

    KAY-BEE:-) ROX! YEAH!!!

  12. anonymous#2 says:


  13. Neo says:

    Yeaaaaaah well, dont say I never told yaaaaa!!!!!! Thanks to everyone for giving DSG a nice weekend, much appreciated…

  14. Neo says:

    The only time you should cry about losing a ball game is when you could have done better. All the winners won the game because it was their day and the other teams laid their heart on the court and that in its own means in my eyes you all are winners. No matter a how painful a loss can be, remember that a loss is only a loss if you learnt nothing from it.