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Strategic plan of Basketball South Africa

By on November 9, 2008 in News

The strategic goals for basketball are based on a set of high level principles. These principles define a core philosophy that helps ensure decisions on the planning, implementation, and are made consistent with a common strategic direction. They should provide the basis for all levels of decisions within the federation, from the planning of major projects to the implementation of small project tasks. The strategic goals are not drafted to be specifically applicable to any one component of this plan.

The strategic goals for the federation are:

  • Federation organization structure. This is mainly focused on the function ability of the federation with regards to administration, finance, legal and other requirements.
  • Development of sustainable programs. This is mainly focused on the day to day events and clinics to improve high performance in the sport.
  • Building basketball brands. This is mainly focused in the development of saleable brands to our stakeholders to achieve a return in investment.
  • Broaden participation. This is mainly focused on the mass participation and easy accessibility of the sport to the public.
  • International competitiveness. This is mainly focused on the federation ability to be a powerhouse in the sports of basketball in Africa and abroad in different function be it administration, playing ball, etc…
  • Make basketball a sport of choice in South Africa. This is mainly to focus in the development of basketball to compete with other traditional sporting codes in South Africa as a preferred sporting code by the public.

Federation organization structure

  • Update the constitution and rules and regulation of the federation.
  • Develop and implement operational, procurement, human resources and financial policies and procedures.
  • Establish corporate governance structures in the federation to proper perform functional operation of the federation. These structures should be part of the rules and regulations and also govern by the Charters.
  • Building capacity and succession planning in the administration of the federation, provincial structures and districts.
  • Relationship management and communication channels with stakeholders.
  • Develop basketball database using FIBA organiser
  • Develop structures and processes for financial sustainability.

Development of sustainable programs

  • Develop coaching programs, coaches’ accreditation system with appropriate coaching manuals per levels.
  • Develop mini basketball and youth programs in conjunction with the Coaching commission.
  • Write a proposal on talent identification programs.
  • Write a proposal on the national team programs.

Building basketball brands

  • Categorize brands for all our programs and structures: for example Platinum Brand – National team both men and women, Gold Brand – The national league.
  • Develop marketing plans for our brands and align each brand with specific sponsor and strategic partner

Broaden participation

  • Assist and develop league formats and structures for the Provincial structures and affiliate members.
  • Investigate the facilities and potential facilities in provinces and districts that can be used for basketball.
  • Work with affiliates and associate members in the promotion of broad based participation.

International competitiveness

  • Obtain assistance through SASCOC in the application of Olympic solidarity programs.
  • Improve relations with the NBA Basketball Without Borders for the development of our coaches and players.
  • Obtain sponsorship and develop a Four Nations Tournament to be staged on an annual basis mainly focusing on high performance age groups.
  • Develop Strategic Partnership with countries that have shown interest in our development of basketball.

Make basketball a sport of choice in South Africa

  • Create a basketball culture that includes fashion, music and lifestyle.

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  1. Theo Chauke says:

    I believe that it is going to be hard to attract sponsorship to the BSA.The history of BSA is not good to attract good sponsorship,It is because of the recession who facing.A business man or woman doesn’t just invest money anywhere without the history of Organisation or businesss.

    We need to rely on Government and Lotter to have funds in the BSA.I believe we need to clear all the obstacles that will play factors in getting sponsorship.

    We take small thing for grant.

    Do you think Mr Trump,Mr Motsepe,Mr Gates and Mr Sexwale can invest money in BSA with history that we have.I am not even talking about million,If we were to ask them 20 000 dollars,can their give it to BSA with the bad reputation we have when it comes to finance.

    We still have mountain to climb to attact sponsorship to BSA,but if we work together with one vision it can be done in the perod of 10 years.

  2. kim says:

    To my understanding,a fax was sent yesterday and I didnt have the time to look at it as I was coaching.I will get the fax today and then confirm that.I dont want to do what I always complain about and give you SHWASHWI talk.First thing tomorrow morning I will update you.

    Different provinces have different ways of doing things.I personally prefer to draft a list of names.Before I draft the names though I try and picture what type of ball that I want to play,what type will make us win.I then draft the names and see who best might be able to fit that style.I then have trials sometime in Septemebr with the locally based players and then that guides me in terms of the skill that I have at my disposal.I would then phone my ‘foreign’ based players and findout if they are still playing or not and then include them or not.

    I will pick approx 15 – 17 players in the provisional squad.I will then communicate with the different districts and by-weekly have training sessions.This is how I used to do it but EC is geographically not suitable for daily of week by week sessions.2 weeks before the tournament I would cut the final 3 – 5 players.This gives me time to see If what I was working on did or didnt not suit our team.We then have a 3-4 day camp.

    At the last seniors our team did not get that preparation time required and we players only caught on during the last games.We did very well cos we held Limpopo to 4 and GP to about 12 despite the lack of preparation.

    Circumstances dictate your preparation.Unlike JHB or CPT we didnt have a league and as such had to take that approach.If there was a league I would have definately not have taken that approach.That was the best we could do as EC.This is the IDEAL situation but I can count how may times it happened.Once.If not that I prefered a 5 day camp and thats how we can second at the SASSU provincials in PE(2005).I supposed resorted to 1 or 2 players because of lack of players that could fill the POST position.This however was for ladies.

  3. Theo chauke says:

    Kim,You idea is better than the telephonic selection,It has logic and winning combination.

    It will great to receive that information from you,Can you also update me about the whole situation of the tournament.

    Thanx a Lot again Kim

  4. kim says:

    The guy that was supposed to give the email(not fax as early said) didnt come to practice but he has confirmed that teams will be provided with everything(Accomodation and meals)for the tournament but teams need to get themselves to PE.CONFIRMED.

    Any other information I get I will send

  5. Setlogelo says:


    Your predictions regarding commercial sponsorships are far fetched. Basketball will definitely attract sponsorships from the middle of next year. However the actual sponsorship deals will be signed in 2010, not ten years time. Reasons for this are the following:

    1. BSA is not functional at the moment. Small things like the office landline will hinder the aggression from Tsepo. Only the government and its agencies understand the challenges. For this reason, they will support basketball by funding the code.

    Thus, funding is a support mechanism.

    2. Sponsorship is a tactical strategy to attract consumers. By acting swiftly to broaden participation, BSA will be one step towards attracting sponsorship. The constitution says that every province must register a minimum of 500 participants. Again it is on the hands of Tsepo, the national administrator. Is he going to stamp authority over these requirements in the first quarter? Is Tsepo going to distribute necessary forms for all leagues to register their players in this first quarter? There is urgency regarding this.


    3. There is some elements of destruction in basketball. I heared very disturbing news about the behaviour of

  6. Setlogelo says:

    Again I heared some very disturbing news about the interference of PBL. However BSA will act swiftly against the act of dislodging the integration BSA wants to achieve.

  7. willie says:

    i believe that the best way of selecting a team will be to first appoint a coach. let the coach have his ideal format of selecting players. if the coach believes he needs trials with everyone available then let it be and if he feels he needs to have his own list then its also fine.

    again as a province you can organise a tournament then invite teams to come and then the coach select players to be part of a training team. then going to our situation in Limpopo, we currently don’t have any leagues going on around the province. now the challenge will be how do you know who plays where. in that case maybe we should organise a district tournament where each district will send their best players and the coach select from that.

    at the end of the day, the coaches selection method will be based on the resources he is given by the federation. its a tough one to call for us as a province. Theo, i don’t think it is wrong for a coach to call a player and ask if he is interested in playing for the province. argument sake, lets take your team Shooting Stars.

    almost your entire team is not based in the province. now if i’m a coach and need to select a team i will have to call the players i need in your team to find out if they are still actively playing, and which teams they playing for. i will then talk to you to find out if you want to be part of the training team.

    if like Mixo is in Cape Town, it wouldn’t be possible for him to attend the trials. it is not wrong to call players but rather it is wrong to select only players based in one district even thou there are better players around the province.

  8. Theo Chauke says:

    Willie,i agree with certain things you mention,but not full.It does mean if there is no league run then you have to call players.What about the players who are playing basketball somewhere and are not known,It is tough call.

    The latest news i heard regarding the selection ,is that players will select players then LBA will have a final say on that.By doin these it is way forward of killing basketball procedure, of good manner and spirit.Players need to know that there is no favourable merit of selection..Players need to come and fight and sweat for their position in the team,in respectivly whether they were involved in league or not.What about the situation you mention about not having a league,That does mean people don’t wanna play basketball.That why we need trials si that we can also accomodate people who were without teams.

    Other example,there is one player which i saw from limpopo who was warming bunch often in one of the LOP teamI,won’t mention a name,he was active in basketball but he was not getting playing time in the league,I won’t be suprise if player like that is in the team.

    I believe that if we were to call trials now people will show in numbers.We need to give players a chance to come and prove themselves so that we can a good team that will compete.Last week i met one guy who is from limpopo who is actively playing basketball in Cape town<my question is do their know this player,we will see about the telephonic selection.

    I don’t agree with telephonic selection,i will never and it is not solution to pick a good team<if gauteng and other province can have trails,what so special about limpopo that we cannot have selection.

    If it was gauteng saying that we don’t need to have trials because we had players playing in the LOP,then ww will select from those players,But it is not the case,they are doing what is best for basketball to involve all the players,whether you were playing in the LOP Or GBA.A fair chance is gieven to everyone,that’s what we want in sport,that players come and show what their moms has given to them.

  9. Theo Chauke says:

    ,”‘The constitution says that every province must register a minimum of 500 participants.”does this mean a province need to have 500 players active in basketball playing,i Just need clarity on this.

    Do you know what happens if you don’t reach the minimum requirements of the constitution,in this 500 participants does it includes all the levels of basketball,

  10. willie says:


    i think i mentioned that sometimes its not practical for players in Cape Town to attend the selections on a weekend you going to have them. then does that mean the player should be left out of the team. what am saying is that as a coach, you select a certain number of players to attend a camp. at the camp you assess the players then make a final selection.

    hence i also argued that rather than having open selections, we rather have districts playing on a one day tournament then a selection is made. i for one wouldn’t want to have a player who does not play for any team or actively involved in bball but resurface during open trials. if you go the district, they know their members and will bring the best team. that will make the coaches job easier.

    what i know is that the executive does not tell you which player to select but rather ask for a list of players that are selected so they have a clue of who is in there. remember i might be a coach but not have contacts for all the players in the province. they are in a better position to know how to get the players and who to communicate with. if that is not abused then i don’t have a problem with the system.

    on the other hand, if our winter heat and reconciliation tournaments were still played, it would be easy for the coach to see the players available and also use that as a selection tournament. yes, there are problems with our selection criteria but at the state we are at, we are left with no choice. should you exclude a player like Mixo because he is in Cape Town and can not come to the trials??

    i know we will differ on this with a lot of people but take our situation into account.

    i would want to go to the Gauteng open trials and see how many players are there?? it might be chaotic but if it was districts with their teams that is more managable.

  11. Joe says:

    Amen Willie, your point highlights the importance of districts. Many ballers do not seem to understand what role Districts should play. Especially in big geographically areas (WC) and also in high participation areas (GP).

  12. Setlogelo says:


    Boardroom decisions will go against the province. This means a province with less than 500 registered players will have a vote. This will increase for each 500 being registered. The more you have, the better it is for you in the boardroom.

    Talk about proactively making basketball the sport of choice. Our chairperson here knows very well this impact. When I told him that one of the top schools in Rugby, Grey College is introducing basketball full time, he asked if they know they must register.

  13. Theo says:

    When you say players won’t attend trail because they stay in cape town i disagree on that.Usually by december we have all our guys back home before time.When we use to have senior touraments we had our full team.

    Limpopo is not big as gauteng,in gauteng there might be chaos but it is good for have chaos of playing who are willing to play for their place in the team,than having Nothing at all.

    If you can’t have trail,why don’t you call all the team that are available to come play as tournament as we use to do.

    In senior team we never had district tournaments,we had team playing and players got to be selected in that tournaments.We assume things before we do it.

    I believe it is way of favouring some players before others,Yes a coach cannot have numbers of players,does a coach has numbers of people he can contact to find out about the players in different,i am not talking about calling players and asking them.

    For example you cannot call fumani,mixo and me to find out about what is happening in Nkowankowa shooting stars if we don’t spend time there.We have Guys from lenyenye who don’t know anything about this provincial tournaments,so we leave them out because their are not playing in the league,the facts is that there are still playing basketball,so what do we do with this guys.

    We need to go to the basics of thing in order to achieve our goals of basketball.I will say this again,with this system,we killing basketball and competitiveness of the game.

    The reason of this situation we are facing,it is because we lacking planning in LBA.If the LBA cannot do small things of calling this guys fort rials and people are calling for the growth of basketball in the province.What message our we sending to the Basketball communities.

    People must stop going behind the bush to justify a small approach of basketball basics.I Believe that we are failing basketball by our approach.