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Pretoria High Schools League: PBHS does a number on the Champions

By on June 5, 2009 in High School

The 2009 Schools League started with a huge shock and disappointment as it was discovered that the U/19 Boys defending champions, Rosina Sedibane had failed to register their team for the season. Schools in the weekend pool were not as disappointed as everybody else as they saw an opportunity to make the semi’s in the absence of the powerhouse. Their dreams were however short-lived as the league made a concession which saw the boys from Laudium back in the chase to defend their title.

On Saturday the 30th of May Rosina met their pool rivals PBHS in the final group stage encounter which would decide who got the “easier” semi-final against St Albans. As usual the “counting your chickens before they hatch” exercise gave itself prominence as Rosina promised a walloping of the “small boys” from Brooklyn. Boys High kept their mouths closed and heads up as they relaxed and focussed on the task at hand. The game started off at an electrifying pace, an indication of the kind of game we were in for. Brian Tsabadi marshalled the Boys High troops from the SG position while their point-guard dictated terms for them on offence. Lehlogonolo played the role of the former for Rosina while Bongi (MVP from last season) did the offensive manoeuvring for Rosina from the point position.The first quarter saw Rosina bring the flair into the game as they made countless ‘no-look’ passes to tear the PBHS defence apart. This flair however didn’t amount to much as the champions failed to convert easy lay-ups and lost out to the more technical Boys High posts for the rebounds. PBHS showed great patience on offence with the pick and roll as well as well timed high posts and accurate shooting, this saw them end the quarter 13-9 up. The game got more physical in the second quarter and both teams started committing many forced errors. Rosina’s brave drives to the basket saw them go to the line a number of times, this boosted their confidence and their morale was up once again. PBHS began squandering opportunities on offence and this allowed Rosina to employ the fast break effectively, they subsequently took the quarter by 10-7 meaning PBHS went into the break leading by one point at 20-19.

Rosina used the half time break to sing songs that would raise their spirits once again while PBHS used the time to alter their strategy. The fruits of half time actions were to show in the second half. Rosina made a huge mistake in the second half as they switched to man defence. This saw the sharp bouncing Boys High drive the ball hard and draw many fouls from the over-eager Rosina defence. Zanu, the Rosina coach, kept making remarks and complaining about the refereeing (which was by all means fair). These eventually earned him a technical foul and also lead to his ill disciplined side losing the plot. PBHS introduced Fhumulani Maboho to strengthen the defence while Rosina relied on the same 5 players and only subbed when the stars were in foul trouble. The foul trouble got worse and star player “Hlogi” showed unbelievable sportsmanship when he threw a tantrum after being blown for a deliberate foul, this earned him a technical foul and saw him leap to four personal fouls. The pressure proved too much as Hlogi had to leave the court to shed his frustrations courtside. Individualism kicked in and every Rosina player started tried taking up the cause of a hero as they showcased their own skills and forgot about the team. PBHS took advantage of this and made sure of their steals and free throws while Rosina only found the net twice this quarter. PBHS took the quarter 16-4 and Rosina were now starting to learn the Real Madrid lesson – stars don’t win a game, team’s do. The last quarter proved a mere formality as PBHS consolidated their win with the same consistent basketball they had played throughout the game. The bench players got a run and Rosina’s fight back proved fruitless as the lack of teamwork cost them the game. The last quarter ended 7-10 in PBHS’s favour and the defending champions were stunned. Boys High did a thorough number on the champs and should they keep up the patient, basic and disciplined game they’ve been playing they are almost certain to take the league. Rosina needs to re-work their teamwork and discipline outlook if they have any hope of retaining their former glory.

The stage is set, who will emerge champs?

Other Pretoria Boys High School results 2009

Under 14A

 Beat prestige 24-28; beat Willows B 5-33; beat Glen a 4-17; beat CBC 22-28.

Under 14B

Beat St Albans A 16-31; beat Willows A 18-20; beat The glen B 0-20

Under 14C

Lost to Willows a 14-0; beat The Glen B 3-8

Under 16A

Beat St Albans A 17-40; beat Willows a 16-31; beat Lyttleton Manor 8-62; beat Hillview 18-62; beat Prestige 15-107


 Beat Willows b 0-20; beat Cornerstone 16-39; lost to Clapham 21-20; lost to The Glen 19-17

2nd Team

Lost to st albans 28-18; beat Lyttleton Manor 35-41; lost to Willows A 46-16, beat CBC 21-47; beat Hillview 16-47;

1st Team

Beat The Glen 31-68; beat Clapham 13-104; beat Prestige 40-150; beat Cornerstone 22-100; beat Deutsche Schule 34-101 

Article by Katlego Malatji(Willowridge coach) and edited by Victor Shakineza

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